The following list comes from the May 1996 issue of Record Collector magazine. This extremely in-depth Lush article is highly recommended, it covers their entire career from the very beginning to very near the end.


JAD911 Scar (Baby Talk/Thoughtforms/Scarlet/Bitter/Second
Sight/Etheriel) 12"/CD 1989
BAD0003 Mad Love (De-Luxe/Leaves Me Cold/Downer/Thoughtforms) 12"/CD 1990
AD0013 Sweetness And Light/Breeze 7" 1990
BAD0013 Sweetness And Light/Breeze/Sunbathing 12"/CD 1990
AD1016 Black Spring (Nothing Natural/God's Gift) 7" 1991
BAD1016 Black Spring (Nothing Natural/Fallin' In Love/God's Gift/Monochrome)
12"/CD 1991
BAD(D)2001 For Love/Starlust/Outdoor Miner/Astronaut Ltd10"/12"/CD 1992
AD4008 Hypocrite/Love At First Sight 7" 1994
BAD4008 Hypocrite/Love At First Sight/Cat's Chorus/Undertow 12"/CD 1994
AD4010 Desire Lines/Whitewood 7" 1994
BAD4010 Desire Lines/Whitewood/Girl's World/Lovelife 12"/CD 1994
AD6001 Single Girl/Sweetie Ltd7" 1996
BAD6001 Single Girl/Tinkerbell/Outside World/Cul-de-Sac CD 1996
BADD6001 Single Girl/Pudding/Demystification/Shut Up CD 1996
AD6002 Ladykillers/I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Ltd7" 1996
BAD6002 Ladykillers/Matador/Ex/Dear Me CD 1996
BADD6002 Ladykillers/Heavenly/Carmen/Plums And Oranges CD 1996


CAD0017 Gala LP/CD 1990
CAD2002 Spooky LP/CD/LtdCD/2x10" 1992
CAD4011 Split LP/CD 1994
CAD6004 Lovelife LP/CD 1996

UK Promos

LUSH1 Nothing Natural/God's Gift/Monochrome/Nothing Natural CD 1991
LUSH2 Hypocrite/Undertow 12" 1994
LUSH3 Desire Lines/Lovelife 12" 1994
LUSH4 Single Girl 12" 1996
LUSH5 Single Girl/500/I've Been Here Before/Last Night CD 1996
LUSH6 Ladykillers 12" 1996
LUSH7 Ciao CD 1996

US Promos

PRO-CD-4662 De-Luxe (3 versions) CD 1990
PRO-CD-4568 Sweetnes And Light (2 versions) CD 1990
PROC-4608 Words And Music (10 tracks from Gala + interview) cass 1990
9 40231-2 (as LUSH1) CD 1991
PRO-CD-5471 Superblast/Starlust/Fallin' In Love/Superblast CD 1992
PROC-6996 Kiss Chase/Undertow cass 1994
PRO-S-7181 Lit Up(demo)/Rupert The Bear 7" 1994 (free with Soil Samples #17)
PRO-A-8034 Last Night (2 mixes)/Undertow/Lovelife/Ladykillers CD/12" 1996


Etheriel & Second Sight (both live) on Donde Esta Los Insects? (DELI03 cass 1989)
Scarlet on Gigantic 2 (Melody Maker MM1 CD 1990)
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep on Alvin lives In Leeds (Sound of Spasm CLANG 4 LP/CD 1990)
And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That - The Lillies (Cockadoodle COCK1 7" flexi)
Tiny Smiles on Volume 2 (Volume V2CD CD 1991)
Starlust (live) on In A Field Of Their Own (NME Glaston1 2CD 1993)
De-Luxe on Lilliput (4AD Lilliput 1/2 2CD 1992)
Nothing Natural on ...And Dog Bones Too (21512 promo CD 1992)
Desire Lines (demo) on 13 Year Itch (4AD Shuffle CD 1993)
Lit Up (demo) / Rupert The Bear (fan club 7" flexi 1993)
The Childcatcher on Secret Tracks 2 (Select Mag. May 94 cass)
The Childcatcher on All Virgos Are Mad (45789 promo CD 1994)
Tinkerbell on Volume 10 (Volume V10CD CD 1994)
The Childcatcher on From Greer To Eternity (Fierce Panda NING05 2x7" 1994)
Love At First Sight on Nings Of Desire (Fierce Panda NONG1 CD 1995)
Mannequin on Whore (WMO 002 CD 1996)
Half And Half on Volume 16 (Volume V16CD 1996)