This is the letter that was part of the Fan Club mailing the band sent out around Christmas 1993, in easier-to-read electronic form. Personally I prefer reading the original hand-written version. The author is unknown (perhaps Miki?) but its extremely well written, informative and humorous.

Nov 93,

We're holed up in a studio in Wales. with 2 dogs, 8 puppies, 3 horses and lots of geese, surrounded by sheep. The Stone Roses are next door, hopefully some of their creativity will wear off on us. First of all sorry for the lack of feedback, information -- what have you -- but truth is we really don't care -- no that's not true -- honest guv! And to prove it we've put some stuff together -- our Christmas gift to you as it were. Lyrics -- find out what Miki and Emma really sing about -- is it really a load of indecipherable twaddle? Our own Venerable scribe -- Brother Cuthbert of Winchester (or Phil to his friends) has painstakingly compiled the Lush family tree -- marvel as the story unfolds. Also we've recorded our own version of the seminal Robert Johnson classic 'Rupert the Bear'. No one we believe has portrayed such emotion and heartbreak in a song -- and to make it even more poignant Rupert and his pals were actually strung out on heroin at the time -- incredible! Also there's a demo version of 'Lit Up' a new song which was recorded in June '93. Flexi-Discs don't have a long life so we suggest you play it once and tape it -- But come to think of it, when you've played it once you'll probably never want to hear it again.

So yeah -- we're currently very busy. Miki and Emma have been brushing up on their riding skills -- they've been entering Junior Gymkhanas (?) around the locality and have been cleaning up in the prize department. They have a well stocked Cabinet full of plastic trophies and rosettes to show for their efforts. Good Show -- Miki. Well done -- Emma. Phil and Chris have been working on a film Idea about a medieval peasant who eats some magical mushrooms and turns into a werewolf. Or does he? Phil takes the directors chair once again and hopes to match earlier successes such as 'Stick' or 'When We Are Dead'. Chris is reportedly very excited about his debut starring role -- even though he's been hamming it up for years.

We're at Rockfield Studios whose owner Kinsley built up a Welsh wall of Sound with Dave Edmunds to Rival Phil Spector's American Construction. Rockfield Studios where Freddy penned 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the stables; where Iggy Pop recorded 'Soldier'; and where Proto-metal pranksters Black Sabbath nailed fish under the floorboards and behind the wardrobes (so that's what the Coddy Smell is coming from the bedrooms.)

Even today there's a whole mess of fame and tinsel about -- Look isn't that the rather small Elaine Page -- learning how to be Edith Piaf -- 'Boujour Mon Cheri!' -- and wow here's drum maestro -- Cozy Powell and bloke out of Judas Priest checking out the studio for a future collaboration -- a marriage made in Rock Heaven -- we think. Dave Edmunds drops by and stays for some days, convalescing after a particularly grueling and expensive court case against Countryman Shakin' Shaky Stevens and his Sunsets. Never mind Dave -- keep on knockin' We're sure you'll get in sometime.

Lush are here recording 18 songs written by Miki + Emma during the first 1/2 of this year, for an LP to come out in March/April next year, all being well. Mike Hedges was chosen to produce and is consequently landed with the unenviable task of whipping the world's shakiest rhythm section into shape. Mike comes with a fine C.V. -- produced and engineered the Cure -- The Banshees -- Marc Almond -- The Associates -- Bauhaus -- and, erm, Southern Death Cult -- to name but a few. Obviously a man capable of catering to our latent Gothic tendencies -- Goth/Grunge -- Brit/Goth -- Cod/Goth Call it what you will.

So what do we do for kicks up here? -- we hear you ask -- well maybe we might do a jigsaw -- anything wrong with that? Or for a top buzz a trip into town to Woolworths and the Pick + Mix counter. Or perhaps a swift half and a game of darts at the Nags Head might tickle your fancy. Or you can wander in thoughtful mode along the leafy lanes and babbling brooks that are in abundance in the very beautiful Wye Valley. Why Valley? Who knows? Rock + Bloody Roll!

So that's it really -- what have you been doing? write and tell us, we'd love to hear from you -- Phil's often asking after you and Miki and Emma would love to hear any gossip. Look out for stuff -- like gigs, records -- next Spring probably. Anyway -- can't hang about -- there's some particularly difficult Puzzles to be done, Jelly Teddy Bears to be eaten and some leafy grotto's to explore -- plus it's Bon Jovi Day on MTV. Waaaaaaaahhh!