April 1996

by Andy Richardson

You may have noticed the new cover stars on Lush's recent hit 'Single Girl'. Funny thing is, none of them actually know the band. The same goes for their new single, 'Ladykillers', and album, 'Lovelife'.

The man responsible is Japanese snapper Ichiro Kono, 26, who says: "I wanted to use the type of people who you see every day, but never talk to. The people who are a bit odd."

The "bit odd" cover star for 'Single Girl' is Italian chef Antonio Longo, 36. Says Longo: "I was having a coffee with Ichiro and he stared at me and said he wanted to put me on the cover. I thought he was mixing my melons. Lush ain't my flavour, but the cover is the bollocks."

Wannabe model Don, 31, of London, features on 'Lovelife' and is very pleased with the results: "I'm expecting people to recognize me in the street now," he says, "and I'm available for other jobs. I'm 5ft 10."

Elusive London artist Henry is on the cover to 'Ladykillers', pictured outside toilets in the East End. Sadly, he was unavailable for comment. Meanwhile, Ichiro's girlfriend, Claire Marie O'Brien, stars on the digi-pak to 'Ladykillers'. Claire models for Adidas and writes poetry. "I also breed Russian hamsters," she adds.

Hmmmm... Claire also makes hats, including the panda design modeled for 'Ladykillers'. "I made the panda earmuffs, too!" Thanks, Claire. And the earmuffs are lovely.

Andy Richardson