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The video clips in this section are only a small sampling of what can be found on YouTube - when this site was launched there were very few Lush videos available online, fortunately since then hundreds of videos have been uploaded including many interviews, official promo videos, and live shows.
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Transmission Interview
Early 1990
Wonderful interview with Chris, Steve and a very adorable
short-haired Miki
Walking Interview
Tokyo, Japan
October 1994

Very cool interview done while the band walks around Tokyo.

Very disjointed, but that's how it was when I received it. I did remove some short clips from a few of their promo videos (which are all available in full on this page), but I was careful not to remove any part of the interview portions.

Rage Interview
August 1994
An excellent interview
from Canada
with Miki and Emma
Rapido Interview
Mid 1990

Interspersed with some interesting footage.

BREAK THIS profile
June 27, 1996

Excerpts of a wonderful Miki Interview.

Neil's Lush Video Compilations include the entire interview.

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Miki & Chris Interview


In two parts.



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