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The video clips in this section are only a small sampling of what can be found on YouTube - when this site was launched there were very few Lush videos available online, fortunately since then hundreds of videos have been uploaded including many interviews, official promo videos, and live shows.
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A long-time Lush fan with whom I've exchanged several videos over the years has posted THIRTY THREE complete shows from 1990-1996, plus a few shows from the 2016 reunion:


Live Performances

  Nothing Natural
New Haven, CT
Toad's Place
March 23, 1992


Beautifully shot from the front row.

  Nothing Natural
San Francisco, CA
Union Square
April 15, 1992

A wonderful performance of this amazing song.

Here's a couple more:

1992.04.15-San Francisco-Union Square (Same show but from a different camera)

1992.02.08-London-Town & Country Club

Roskilde Festival
Kobenhaven, Denmark
June 28, 1991

This is an excellent performance, nicely filmed, of a Lush classic

For Love
The Dennis Miller Show
circa 1992


Can you read the sign that Miki put on her guitar?

Electric Ballroom
April 3, 1996

This is from one of my favorite Lush live shows

at the T in the Park festival
Kinross, Scotland
July 13, 1996
at the T in the Park festival
Kinross, Scotland
July 13, 1996


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