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The video clips in this section are only a small sampling of what can be found on YouTube - when this site was launched there were very few Lush videos available online, fortunately since then hundreds of videos have been uploaded including many interviews, official promo videos, and live shows.
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Pre & Post Lush

The Rover Girls
Clarendon Hammersmith

This is an amazing clip of a teenage Emma playing bass in The Rover Girls, two years before she formed Lush. She can be seen several times throughout the video.

The entire musical lineage for all the members of Lush can be seen in the Lush Family Tree

This is the only known post-Lush video of Miki (at the time)

From The Other Side:Trail of Trash a documentary about Spencer and The Cannibals which aired on September 12, 2000 on Channel Four. (thanks to Carl S for this info)

This was posted on YouTube by Andy of the VPME Music Blog, and he deserves much thanks!



TV & Film

Levi's TV Commercial
"Dangerously Low"

Very cool 1:00 minute commercial featuring the opening of Undertow.

Volkwagen Passat TV Commercial (1996)

Featuring Sweetness & Light.


City of Industry (1997)

Feature film staring Harvey Keitel and Timothy Hutton

The superb soundtrack prominently features a full 2 minutes of Last Night (Darkest Hour Mix), one of my favoriute Lush songs. The film is actually edited around the song and for the entire 2 minute sequence there is no dialog. It starts at 38 minutes 35 seconds.




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