Phil's Tour Programmes

These are cover pages and itineraries from various Lush tour programmes, generously provided to this website by Phil King.

Be sure to also check out Phil and Miki's laminates.

1992 February
 UK Tour
1992 March-April
US Tour
1992 May-June
Spooky World Tour
1992 November-December
Japan+Australia Tour
1992 December
Australia Tour


1994 June
Promo Tour
1994 June
Promo Tour, US Leg
1994 July-August
Split USA Summer Tour
1994 September-October
Split Europe Tour


1996 January
Meet the Public Tour
1996 March-April
Lovelife Tour
1996 April-May
Shaving the Pavement Tour
1996 August-September
500 Tour

A complete list of all shows is available on the Gigography page. 











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