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   In Memory of Chris

September 7, 1966 - October 17, 1996

1996-Oct-18  Addicted to Noise  Music News of the World
An early report of Chris's death.

1996-Oct-19  The Guardian  Band Distraught at Death
 1996-Oct   Chris Acland Obituary


1996-Oct-21  The Independent  Obituary

1996-Oct-25  The Express  Beautiful Losers
 Published on the day of Chris' funeral.

1996-Oct  NME  Christopher John Dyke Acland 1966-1996
Report on the funeral.


1997-Apr-07  The Guardian 
Controversial article about the financial inequities within the music business.  

1997-Apr-10  The Guardian  Miki's Letter to the Editor
This is Miki's response to the Guardian article above.



1998-Apr   Memories of Chris by Geraldine Chapman

This remarkable account is one of the most significant items on this website. It is a collection of personal memories written by Geraldine Chapman, Chris Acland's cousin, between 1992 and 1998. It includes an interview of Chris (more like a private conversation) done by his cousin in October 1996 just two weeks before Chris took his own life, and her recollections of the aftermath; the devastation it caused, letters from her family, and her conversations with Miki


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More family memories can be found on the Lush Stories page from Chris' cousin Thomas Acland and his sister-in-law Ruth Acland.

Chris at 13
Playing drums with The Infection
in the Drama Studio at the Lakes School in Windermere, Cumbria

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