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As of January 2024

Purple Views Scenic Greens on Groups.io

"...a mailing list for the discussion of the English band Lush and the individual pursuits of their surviving members...The groups.io iteration is a continuation of the old Yahoo Groups list which was created and maintained from 2004-2020 by Jen G with assistance from Jen D"

(see Discussion section below)

Lush Fan Club on Facebook

"A Facebook group of fans of the musical group...LUSH"

Created April 2020


Facebook In late 2023, the Lush official Facebook page became Miki's primary social media presence, with the band's approval. She is very active on it, including the latest book tour info and Miki Berenyi Trio schedule, and lots of photos from the past.

Official Miki Berenyi website
Fingers Crossed memoir, Miki Berenyi Trio, Piroshka

Starting around March 2018, Miki became much more active on Twitter and has been posting loads of fantastic personal early photos and recollections from her Lush days (and before) and having great conversations with fans.
UPDATE: In 2023 Miki became more active on Facebook than on Twitter (now called "X"), see above.



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Band Official:

Official Reunion Website (Archive)
Home | News | Press | Dates

The official band website that was created for the 2016 reunion was eventually taken down in 2018. This is an exact copy of the website, archived here for posterity. In addition, most of the information on the official reunion website has also been integrated into various pages throughout this site.

Facebook    Twitter    Instagram
The only activity since the end of the reunion was to sell off remaining merch.

UPDATE: In 2023, Miki took over the Lush Facebook page which had been inactive for years and the URL was changed (see the Miki section to the left). However all the old posts from the reunion are still there if you scroll down far enough (or search for them).


Merchandise Store
The store was shut down once all the remaining merch was sold.

Fan Sites:

Sadly, more and more of these sites are disapearing over time, so many of these links are broken. I am keeping them here only as a reminder of what has come and gone. A few of these links are still up and have lasted many years!

I obtained material from many of the above fan sites - anything from a single show date to press articles, fan quotes, lyrics, photos, or an entire gig list. In fact, the goal of this site was to combine all the Lush material from all the above sites (which have a lot of cross-duplication) into one central location. I've tried to credit my sources on the individual pages throughout this site, unfortunately I sometimes lost track of what came from where. See the disclaimer page for details.


Tip:  For fan sites that are no longer up, try copying its address from the above links into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, an archiving service which periodically saves copies of websites. The archive does not include images, and only includes pages a few levels down, but you still get a sense of what the original site was like.



[Sadly, the entire Yahoo Groups service will be shut down December 15, 2020]

For many years--long before this website--these Yahoo groups were the main (only?) place for long-time Lush fans to meet and exchange information, and they are a wonderful archive of past discussions. During the 2016 reunion most of the activity moved to social media, fortunately these groups are becoming active again after the reunion ended.


Company/Official Sites:

  • 4AD Chorus Lines
    Created by 4AD for the 2016 Reunion, to coincide with the release of the vinyl box set Origami. Features an in-depth interview with Miki, Emma and Phil that covers the origins of the band (including brief comments from Steve Rippon and Meriel Barham!) then they discuss each album individually plus the B-Sides. Written by Martin Aston, author of Facing The Other Way: The story of 4AD. Also includes some never-before-seen early photos.

  • 4AD Lush Page
    Includes the reunion box sets, but the biography is the original one from 1996.

  • The Official Sing-Sing Site
    This was shut down in Jan '08 and the above link now redirects to their Sing-Sing page on MySpace (which includes every song from all their albums and EPs)



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