I'm not a lawyer and I don't even play one on TV, but here's some fine print:
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  4. Most of the content that was obtained from other fan websites appears on multiple sites making it difficult or impossible to determine the originator of the material, and has remained on those sites for many years leading me to believe that its OK to further duplicate that material here. In cases where a fan site has some unique content, I always attempted to obtain permission to re-print it from the site owner, but many Lush fan sites have not been updated in years and the email addresses are no longer valid.
  5. Most of the commercial material on this site is promotional material intended for free distribution, and/or out of print. I have tried to avoid placing any content on this site that is still available for sale commercially, because I do not want to deprive any copyright holder (especially the members of Lush and their record labels) of the royalties they deserve. For example, I have not and will not place any downloadable audio recordings or sheet music on this site, and I instead urge all Lush fans to purchase any and all Lush recordings that are still in print, to show their support for the band.


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