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Keith Klein

Sweetness and Light

An amazing new 2015 portrait of Miki by photorealist painter Keith Klein. Yes, this is a painting, not a photograph! Keith is also working on a painting of the entire band.

Read the artist's comments about the painting on his website and Instagram.


In December 2015 Keith completed this amazing 3' x 4' painting of the full band.

Read about his inspiration, and the difficulties he experienced creating the painting, on his website.

Click on image for larger view


Indie Crush Artprint No.1 - Miki Berenyi

Neal McCullough

February 2012 - A beautiful new poster of Miki by illustrator (and Lush fan) Neal McCullough. Neal has created 20 signed and numbered prints, available on

"First in an occasional series, Indie Crush is a series of illustrations recollecting those indie bands and singers from the 90s that made your teenage heart sing. First in the series is Miki Berenyi from Lush.  This A3 sized print features an original Hand Drawn Creative illustration, professionally printed in Belfast, using the finest textured paper (Nettuno Bianco Artico 140GSM)"

Miki herself has print #1 and describes it as "really cool....The bottle in my hand is Red Stripe!"



Bailey Onaga
Maui, Hawaii

Light from a Dead Star

Oil Painting 30" x 40"


Most of these are from various members of Jen G's PVSG Yahoo Group,
Miki drawing by Tanya
Cosmic Emma
Cosmic Beings Visitation
Emma's Ring Galaxy
For Love
Galaxy Emma
Kadlali's Lovelife logo
Lush Colage
Lush Liquor Colage
Nothing Natural
The Logo Nebula
Super Miki Prime Flying Through Space
Emma & Miki cartoon
Miki FanArt by Etherieltentacle
Miki wallpaper2
Moon Miki
Space Elementals
Star Goddess
Space Emma
Space Babe
These cool wallpapers for your PC Desktop were designed by Andy Von Pip of the VPME, who also published a new interview with Miki in January 2008.
Tip: To set one of these as your wallpaper, click on the thumbnail to display the full-size image,
then right-click on the full-size image and select "Set as Background"




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