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    Articles & Interviews 1989-1991

1989-Mar-18  Melody Maker  Japanese Whispers


1990-Feb-17  Melody Maker  Lust For Life

Cover Story

Electronic Version

1990-Feb-24  NME  Gigglers With Attitude
Included a fold-out poster of the infamous body paint photos.

1990-Mar  Alternative Press  A Different Shade of Grunge

1990-Oct-20  NME   Abba Abba Hey
Cover Story

1990-Oct-27  Sounds  Dear Students

1990-Nov-04  Totally Wired Fanzine  Interview

1990-Dec-01  NME  Lush Review The Singles

1990-Dec-15  Melody Maker  Lush Go Wild In Canada

Cover Story
Take note!

1990-Dec-22  Melody Maker  Sweetness and Light

1990  Unknown Publication  Lush Groove
Lush talks about the reaction to the infamous NME body paint photos

1991-Jan-05  Sounds  After the Gold
 Cover Story

1991-Feb  Cream
Miki & Emma talk about their Fanzine

1991-Apr  B-Sides  Drowning

1991-May-04  NME  A Lush and a Push
Lots of great photos

1991-Jun   Guitar Player   Ban The Bland - The Brutal Beauty of Lush

1991-Jul  BNM On the Street  Lush Interview

1991-Sep   The Spur, No. 24   The Lillies Flexi
Several press articles about the Tottenham Spurs football club fan magazine The Spur issue which contained a flexi disk by The Lilies supergroup whose members included Miki and Chris.

1991-Oct  Unknown Publication  Etherial Girls

1991-Oct-02  Time Out  Lush's London
Cover Story

Wonderful article, Lush takes us on a tour of London. Nice photos.

1991-Oct-05  Melody Maker  Knickers with Attitude
Cover Story

1991-Oct-19  NME  Steve's Departure

1991-Oct-26  NME  Tubular Belles

1991-Nov  Alternative Press  Release of The Spur flexi-disk

1991-Nov  Making Music  The Scenic Route to Success
Cover Story 




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