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   2016 Reunion - Music Reviews

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2015-November   Mojo Magazine (Print)   Gaze of Our Lives - Chorus Review


2015-November   Q Magazine (Print)    Final Flourish - Chorus Review


2015-Dec-03   The Line Of Best Fit   Lush’s Chorus anthology is a lexicon of love


2015-Dec   Record Collector   Lush Chorus - Etherial Girls


2015-Dec-11   Drowned In Sound   Lush Chorus


2015-Dec-10   The Guardian   Lush Chorus box set review - shoegaze with proper attitude


2015-Dec-20   The Arts Desk   Reissue CDs Weekly: Lush


2016-Jan-06   Under The Radar   Lush Chorus


2016-Feb-29   The VPME   LUSH - Blind Spot EP


2016-Apr-20   Pop Matters   Lush Blind Spot


2016-Apr-19   The Line Of Best Fit   Blind Spot EP - Lush turn back the clock


2016-Apr-22   Under The Radar   Lush Blind Spot EP


2016-Apr-21   Consequence Of Sound   Lush Blind Spot EP


2016-Apr-13   The Independent   Lush Blind Spot


2016-Apr-19   Pitchfork   Lush Blind Spot


2016-May-03   Pitchfork   Origami

Covers the box set and also goes into each album individualy.





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