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Lush Lyrics
Following the last-ever show in Manchester on November 2016, a long-time fan published a beautifully illustrated hardbound lyrics book, as a tribute to the band. Created with their full support, the book contains band-supplied/verified lyrics for every song recorded by Lush, including all B-sides, covers, and the reunion EP.

The lyrics on this page come from that limited-edition book, making them available to all Lush fans.



500 | All This Useless Beauty | Astronaut | Baby Talk | Bitter | Blackout | Breeze | Burnham Beeches | Carmen | Catís Chorus | The Childcatcher | Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep | Ciao! | Covert | Cul De Sac | Dear Me | De-Luxe | Demystification | Desire Lines | Downer | Etheriel | Ex | Falliní In Love | Fantasy | For Love | Girlís World | Godís Gift | Half And Half | Heavenly | Heavenly Nobodies | Hey Hey Helen | Hypocrite | I Have The Moon | I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend | I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind | I've Been Here Before | The Invisible Man | Kiss Chase | Ladykillers | Last Night | Laura | Leaves Me Cold | Light From A Dead Star | Lit Up | Lost Boy | Love At First Sight | Lovelife | Mannequin | Matador | Monochrome | Never-Never | Nothing Natural | Ocean | Olympia | Out of Control | Outdoor Miner | Outside World | Papasan | Piledriver | Plums and Oranges | Pudding | Rosebud | Runaway | Rupert The Bear | Scarlet | Second Sight | Shut Up | Single Girl | Starlust | Stray | Sunbathing | Superblast! | Sweetie | Sweetness And Light | Take | Thoughtforms | Tinkerbell | Tiny Smiles | Tralala | Undertow | Untogether | When I Die | White Wood


Blind Spot (EP)
Sweetness And Light
Leaves Me Cold
Baby Talk
Second Sight
Hey Hey Helen
Nothing Natural
Tiny Smiles
For Love
Light From A Dead Star
Kiss Chase
Desire Lines
The Invisible Man
Lit Up
When I Die
Heavenly Nobodies
I've Been Here Before
Single Girl
Last Night
Out of Control
Lost Boy
Burnham Beeches



Catís Chorus
White Wood
Girlís World
Outside World
Cul De Sac
Shut Up
Dear Me
Plums and Oranges
COVERS: Falliní In Love
Outdoor Miner
Love At First Sight Demystification
I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
I Have The Moon

I'd Like To Walk Around in Your Mind


Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep   Rupert The Bear   Half And Half   Mannequin   All This Useless Beauty

Covers are indicated with grey text


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Emma Anderson

Shake baby shake
You know I can fit you in my arms
Brake baby brake
Taking me in with all your charms

Iíve never been inside you
But youíre so alluring
They call you ĎLittle Mouseí
By name in Rome and Turin

Looking now at your famous shape
They donít make them
Like you anymore

When things are looking good
Thereís always complications
I canít be with you
So Iím at the railway station

Letís run away and be so alive
Escape the drudgery
Of this nine-to-five

Shake baby shake
You know I worship from afar
Brake baby brake
How I wish you were my car




All This Useless Beauty
Elvis Costello

Itís at times such as this
Sheíd be tempted to spit
If she wasnít so ladylike
She imagines how she might have lived
Back when legends and history collide
So she looks to her prince
Finding since heís so charmingly slumped at her side
Those days are recalled on the gallery wall
And sheís waiting for passion or humour to strike

What shall we do with all this useless beauty

Good Friday arrived
The sky darkened on time
ĎTil he almost began to negotiate
She held his head like a baby
And said Itís okay if you cry
Now he wants her to dress as if you couldnít guess
He desires to impress his associates
But heís part ugly beast and Hellenic deceased
So she finds that the mixture is hard to deny

She wonít practice the looks
From the great tragic books
That were later disgraced to face celluloid
It wonít even make sense
But you can bet if she isnít
A sweetheart or plaything or pet
The film turns her into an unveiled threat

Nonsense prevails
Modesty fails
Grace and virtue turn into stupidity
While the calendar fades almost all barricades
To a pale compromise
And our leaders have feasts on the backsides of beasts
They still think theyíre the gods of antiquity
Itís something you missed
Didnít even exist
It was just an ideal
Is that such a surprise

© 1996 Universal Music Publishing Ltd




Emma Anderson

I recall how
We used to meet
Running through
The windy streets
Faces touched
With body heat
I know

I can see us
Breathing from above
Lives are changing
With our useless love
Is that enough

To feel her pain
To be him
The same
To see you in vain

I rely on
A momentís thought
Floating like
An astronaut
Hiding is
The last resort
I know




Baby Talk
Miki Berenyi

Swallowed her down
Sheís inside me
Sheís struggling now
She canít break free

And my eyes are closed
My lips are sealed
She canít escape
But I can feel
Kicks in me

Climbing my spine
Sheís inside me
Wants to escape
Wants to breathe

And I wish I could
Tell you what she feels
And I wish you could hear
When she speaks
In my sleep
In my dreams




Miki Berenyi

Just donít imagine that
Iíll still remember you
Donít even think Iíll try
Iíll take my memories
And drown them in my glass
And then Iíll drink
A toast of bitterness and
Wash you from my heart

I count the blessings
That you took away from me
I laugh to think I cried
I donít need what you got
I donít miss what you do
ĎCause I can raise my glass
And drink a toast
Of bitterness to you

And now my mind recalls
No memory of you
And now I raise a smile
And drink a toast
Of bitterness to you

Just donít imagine that
I still remember you
Donít even think I care
You took your love elsewhere
And I drank mine away
With bitter thoughts of you
That washed my
Memories of you away




Emma Anderson

Iím not interested
In what you have to say
Youíre just a vacant space
Other peopleís lives
Upon which you prey
Itís a permanent disgrace

Why do you think you know
Whatís best for me
What I should
And shouldnít do
Why do you judge my history
And tell me to improve

In the confines of your mind
You think weíre all the same
Iíve left them all behind
Though you wish I hadnít

In finding fault in others
I canít see
What you have to gain
I know that you get pleasure from
Other peopleís pain

Youíre not so perfect
And I realise the scene
Youíre all coming from
When you say you care
I know what you mean
Youíre really lying

All the people around here
Love to hear about a fall
They all surface and disappear
In an instant




Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Pink cloud sits sky high
Skips to the starlight
Rains tinsel whispers
Breeze blows away

I crawl inside me
My eyes to heaven
Pink cloud sits sky high
Breeze blows away

Silver air
Doesnít care
But silver winds
Cut my skin

Breathe in green velvet
My lips taste warm earth
Pink cloud sits sky high
Breeze blows away

Summer sun
So much fun
Colours run
Hot summerís kiss
Cloudless bliss
Burns my tongue




Burnham Beeches
Miki Berenyi lyrics
Emma Anderson music

Long ago
My love was like a light
That danced on a stream
Clear and sweet
His letters used to make
My heart skip a beat

Eyes as bright as a moonlit sea
Smiling up at the sunlit trees
Faces cold in the winter freeze
Breath as warm as an August breeze

Iím so shy
I never speak a word
ĎTil weíre on our own
Thatís just fine
As long as
Everybody leaves us alone

Search your eyes in the dappled light
Kisses soft as you hold me tight
Donít let anyone in our sight
Dazed at witnessing pure delight

Tears in the icy kitchen air
Breathe as the mist contains our kisses

Sigh in the misty street-light glow
I watch you walk away forever




Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Carmen tells me what sheís done
Says sheís having fun
Wants to be a mum

Copper hair and golden smile
Sparkles all the while
Life can be a trial

Carmenís in a world of pain
Donít cry now for yesterday
Babyís gone but sheís okay

Carmen tells me where sheís been
Nightmares that sheís seen
Makes me want to scream

Hear the things that sheís been through
Grey and black and blue
Life can be so cruel

Sit down here and take a drink
Tell me about everything
Andy shrugs and then he winks again

Chocolate box and photograph
Life is hard and life is tough
Carmen smiles and then she laughs again

Itís time we started heading home now
Iíve made mistakes along the way
It makes no sense but Iím okay now
Itís happened again
I guess Iíll live another day




Catís Chorus
Miki Berenyi

Sitting in a corner
Smiling to the others arriving
Here we are again

Telling all our stories
Laughing at the things
That weíve all been through
Over all the years

And as the hours pass Ďtil midnight
Weíll sing together in the moonlight

But looking back
To when we first met
We seemed so different
So many years have passed
So much time
And weíre still here
Whatever times may come
Donít ever change

Outside weíre singing in the moonlight
And weíll be here again the next time

Weíll be laughing in the moonlight
Singing songs Ďtil midnight

Bunny, Kate and Emma
Maxine and Melissa
Four and twenty virgins

Laughing in the moonlight
Singing songs Ďtil midnight




The Childcatcher
Miki Berenyi

Baby, he says
You are like the clean white page and I the pen
The innocence I find in
Between your girlish thighs
Is like the fountain of youth to my old bones

And she replies
Daddyís little girlís a precocious child
I love to please
Iíll do anything you ask of me
Eager to fulfil all of Daddyís needs

Baby, he says
I can never love older girls like I love you
Youíre easier to please and you never give me grief
ĎCause you accept everything I say and do

And she replies
Iím in no position to make demands
I have no past
No-one else has done to me what you do
Iíve got no-one else to compare you to

And as you grow older
Try to act sixteen all your life
Old women grow bitter
Donít let that happen to you

And why is it charming
Pretending Iím younger than my years
Why canít I grow up with dignity
Set me free

Baby, he says
Now that youíre older I feel our love has died
Once upon a time you never criticised me
Oh I much preferred you as a child

And I reply
Everything you said to me was a lie
I know your kind
You just want a daughter without the wife
You donít need a girlfriend
You need a life




Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
Lally Stott / Guiseppe Cassia

Whereís your mama gone
Little baby gone
Whereís your mama gone
Far far away

Last night I heard
My mama singing a song
Oo-ee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

Woke up this morning
And my mama was gone
Oo-ee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep
Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep chirp

© 1971 Warner Chappell Music




Miki Berenyi

Iíve been so happy
Since I walked away
I never thought that
I could feel as great as I do today
ĎCause you were nothing
But a big mistake
And life is wonderful
Now that Iím rid of you

Oh, I must have been crazy
To have stayed with you
I canít believe I thought
I was in love with you
But now the scales have fallen
I can really see
And I say go to hell
ĎCause thatís where you took me

Well, Iíve felt better
Since I slammed that door
You always cramped my style
I never noticed before
Itís been a non-stop party
Since I flew the coop
I canít believe I fell for
Such a loser like you

And is it any wonder
That I felt so blue
When I was always
Having to put up with you
Oh here we go again
Just lay the blame on me
Donít say another word
ĎCause sweetheart youíre history

I know
That you
Miss me really
Bet you wish
That you still had me
Youíll never find
Someone like me
But Iíve got no regrets at all

[I bet youíre loving]
      [every minute of it, arenít you]
[sitting in your kitchen]
[eating meagre meals with]
[the curtains closed]
[be a bedsit martyr then]
[I donít give a damn anyway]

ĎCause Iíve met this girl
And sheís so good to me
Sheís really beautiful
Fantastic company
When Iím with her
I realise what love can be
ĎCause sheís fifty times
The person youíll ever be

Good luck mister
Do you think I care
Since youíve been gone
The offers have been everywhere
Iíve got a million guys
Just lining up for me
Iíve turned a corner
Boy, my life is ecstasy

Well, Iíve been in heaven
Since I walked away
I never thought that
I could feel as great as I do today
ĎCause you were nothing
But a waste of space
And life is wonderful
Now that Iím over you




Miki Berenyi

Iím hiding inside me
Eye sees through my smile
As I shine for the
Eyes of another
Let him inscribe
What he admires
Let him inspire
So many lies
I can provide
Any disguise

Night folds me beside you
I hide from your eyes
For I know
This illusion is kinder
Than what youíll find inside

If I reveal my crime
My deception
My invention
My obsession
You may despise
What you may find
Hiding behind
All of the lies
Let me provide
One more disguise

You wonít understand me
I canít let you try
Still I dream of the day
You discover
I am the spy




Cul De Sac
Phil King






Dear Me
Miki Berenyi

Look at this page
Which I wrote yesterday
Just a selfish expression
Of fear and depression
Of my insecurity
So much a part of me
Swells up the pages
Of numerous diaries
Humiliations both real and imagined
All lie on this page
And stare back at me mockingly
I run away from them
Push them away from me
Soon and again
They return to embarrass me

Down comes the rain
And I try to explain
The events and the places
Emotions and faces
But sometimes the mess
Of my mind just depresses me
Where are the words
That can tame this confusion
There was a time
When I knew all the names
Of the people Iíd loved
And the places Iíd loved them
But those days are past
And I know nothing lasts
Only memories that fade
Into memories Iíve made up
[of him]
[does he]
[of me]
[and I]
[my sleep]
[when I]
[of my]

I lie in my bed and
Stare up at the ceiling
Reliving events of a previous evening
My poor little ego that bruises so easily
Fighting my conscience to justify reasons
Look in your soul
Tell me what do you see
Can you honestly say
Youíre completely at ease
Do you believe that
Your conscience is clean
Well, I say youíre a liar

Down comes the rain
And I sit here again
With the people Iíve loved
In the places I lost them
A past thatís made up
Of the real and imagined
My only excuse was my ignorant youth
And Iíve lied to myself
That Iíve grown up since then
So then whatís my excuse
For the things that I still do
Deep in my soul
I admit I donít know me
And if Iíve learned something
Itís that I know nothing at all
[I know]
[is that]
[Iím on]
[my own]
[and the]
[in my]
[are for]
   [on my own]




Emma Anderson

Iíve been waiting on the slide
Suggest I open wide
No incentive to hide
Happy coursing through my veins
Donít even know my name
When Iím up
Youíre coming down

Inside of me
Some sight to see
Some sight to feel
Our earthy bed

When weíre wrapped in polythene
Whatís that supposed to mean
Paper flowers bring me luck
No birds in sight to fear
Stick sticks in you my dear
When Iím up
Youíre coming down

Some say Iím vague
And Iíd easily fade
Foolish parade of fantasy

Drink in your eyes
Drink in your sighs
Grass in my thighs
My aching legs




Stephen Lake

I look out the window
And I wonder at it all
Staring at the symbols
That decorate the wall
Now everybodyís calling
To come and join them all
But I canít go with no-one
ĎTil I understand the call

Donít come round for me
Unless you got what I want

My electronic shaver
Wonít plug into the wall
Now I canít go to the party
The electrician didnít call
And I hear theyíre counting numbers
In a store down in Whitehall
So much information
What can they do with it all

Donít come round for me
Unless you got what I want
I want some demystification
About whatís going on

Some people talk of Shiva
And some they talk of God
Some talk of politicians
And some they talk of love
They mystify their heroes
With the chances we could take
Iím not looking for escapism
I just want to escape

© 1981 Wipe Out Music Ltd




Desire Lines  
Emma Anderson

Itís raining in this room
And itís so hot outside this room
I donít know no-one here
I donít want to be here in this room

We hold parties in our sleep
We fill ourselves up in our sleep
And Iíll heal you when youíre ill
Though itís hard keeping still in our sleep

Prise the hair out of her mouth
Whilst the circus is heading south
While we search in the sand
Donít ask them to understand
Why they cover up
Their hands and their mouths

Emma Anderson

Il pleuvait
Dans cette chambre
Et il fait si chaud
Dehors cette chambre

Je ne connais pas personne ici
Je ne veux pas y Ítre
Dans cette chambre

On fait la fÍte
Dans notre sommeil
On síenivre
Dans notre sommeil

Je prendrai soin de toi malade
Cíest difficile díÍtre immobile
Dans notre sommeil

EnlŤve ses cheveux
De sa bouche
Pendant le cirque
Síen va au Sud

Quand on cherche dans le sable
Ne demande pas de comprendre
Pourquoi ils couvrent leurs mains
Et leurs bouches

French lyrics © 2016 Miki Berenyi



Emma Anderson

In me
Youíll see
Dirt flows freely

But you may find
That my thoughts
Are unkind

Pure life
Needs knife
Cuts off my life

But as you see
Hurting you
You bless me

I always
Wanted to cry
After the act
Close my eyes
I always longed
For the deep
Then I just
Wanted to sleep

Blood stream
Cruel dream
Never make clean

Down by my side
I feel safe when I hide
So can you see
That my thoughts
Are for me




Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

I know it hurts to see
That in the end
They sympathised with me
I know it hurts to say
It couldnít happen
Any other way

I remember
When you were free
No-one else
Then you came to me
Cursed you then
That it couldnít last
All the laughs we had
In the past

And if it hurts you too
I hope you know
That Iím still fond of you
And if itís still unfair
Remember that
I thought you never cared

Sing to me
Comfort me
Turned away
Someone else
Takes my place

And so you made your choice
When I needed most
To hear your voice
But you were never there
And that was when
I thought you never cared




Miki Berenyi

Once upon a time I knew
How to make you happy
Or make you blue
Guess Iíll be the same again
But itís not that easy
To just be friends

Look at where we are today
With our pointless efforts
To lay the blame
Maybe things can never work
After so much betrayal
And so much hurt

Weíre in the same position
But a million miles apart
Maybe things will work eventually
But I just donít know where to start

When love has gone away
Something takes its place
Does it really have to be hate
So whatís it going to be
Itís up to you and me
I just hope it isnít too late

Things we say
to make
The other pay
for all the pain
All it does it get us nowhere
Yes maybe in the end
We can be good friends
I want to but it isnít easy
     [letís stop all]
[the games]
[dishing out]
[the blame]

So love has been and gone
How do we go on
Is there something still worth saving
Well, whatís it going to be
We can wait and see
Tell me do you think weíll make it

Letís stop the silly games
Dishing out the blame
I know that you feel the same way
This doesnít have to be such a tragedy
Everything will work out some day

Well, maybe in the end
We can just be friends
I want to but it isnít easy
Yes maybe in the end
We will be good friends
This is how it really should be




Falliní In Love 
Dennis Wilson

Flowers come in the spring
All the love I can bring
Bring it for my baby
All I can do
You know
You know it's for my baby
I love him so
I let him know
He's my baby
Ooh my baby

Falliní in love
Summer winds again
Together with my baby
Love the love I live
Live the love that I love
Living with my baby
I love him so
I love to grow
With my baby
Yes my baby

Yes Iím in love
Love, in love with my baby
He knows I'm in love
Love, in love with my baby
I love the way he smiles
Love, in love with my baby
Because Iím in love
Love, in love with my baby

© 1970 Wixen Music




Emma Anderson

When Iím home
I listen hoping for a clue
And you know they canít
Tell us what to do
When youíre gone
Out of sight not out of mind
But you know this feeling
Took me years to find

And your eyes
They always know where it hurts
And your lips
Kiss me Ďtil Iím fit to burst
Each day you watch me
With your static gaze
And smile
Naked at my silly ways

Planets spin around your head
Milk and sugar in my bed
Even when youíre far away
I can hear you every day

Wise hands grasping the delicate prize
I just wait for the time of our lives

My desires canít be bought in black and white
Only you make me feel secure inside
For I know you really love no-one but me
And I smile because they think itís fantasy

No-one knows whatís going on
They donít know where we belong
Let you swim around my face
Live inside my special place

Itís only you that holds the key
Donít know what you do to me
In our little secret world
I can be your little girl




For Love
Miki Berenyi

Pretty little girl she shines
Knowing she is young she smiles
Happy just to be a prize
Happy just to see his smile

Silly little girl she tries
Thinking she is good and wise
Doesnít recognise the lies
Falling from her lips she sighs
This is so real
Itís what I feel
I look in your eyes and lose myself

Silly little girl denies
Ever understanding why
Her face is full of sad surprise
Every time she hears him cry
What do you feel when youíre with me
I look in your eyes and see myself

But thereís no connection
Just his own reflection
Isnít this the way you wanted me
In love with you
Do anything for you

 [what do you mean]
[what do I feel]

She looked in his eyes to lose herself
And when it falls apart she cries
Doesnít think to look inside
She just covers up her eyes
Doesnít see her own disguise

And though she feels this sorrow
It will fade tomorrow
Sheíll pretend that
This was really love
Sheíll make their fall seem beautiful
She wonít remember this at all
She wonít recall
The truth at all
She wants to fall

     [what do you mean]
[what did I feel]





Girlís World
Emma Anderson

You can be someone
But you canít be me
And I know that somehow
I will never be free

Years ago in the darklands
I was dressed like a toy
Now this doll has her own hands
And she wishes you felt joy

When there might be another
It makes you shiver in the cold
That is why I donít bother
Involving you in my world

Smashing glasses
And breaking vases
You lied to me over and over
You never listened to me

There was too much affection
You treated me as if I were clay
Home became like a prison
In my mind I kept running away




Godís Gift  
Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Whatís your passion
I think I see
You just canít bear to let things be
Whatís your weakness
I think I know
You just canít bear to let things go
Finger in every pie
Canít let a chance pass you by

Green with envy your greedy eyes
Have picked the flesh from all our lives
You want others to act the same
To flatter you with jealousy

Life is a race to be won
Youíve got to beat everyone
Youíve got to be number one

Popular and beautiful
Adored by men and women too
Perfect in every way
At least thatís what you say
Youíve lived and loved and suffered too
No-oneís got a patch on you
A saint, a star
A goddess and a brain

But the truth now
Are you happy in your lies
You know nothingís perfect
Arenít you lonely in your lies

Finger in every pie
Canít let a chance pass you by
Make up your life with the lies

Popular and beautiful
Adored by men and women too
Perfect in every way
At least thatís what you say
But donít you think that what we see
Belies the things you claim to be
A saint, a star
A goddess and a brain




Half And Half
Miki Berenyi

So much happened
And I couldnít deny
That I broke your feelings
With the way that I lied
So I do understand
The reason you became so weak
Oh baby youíre not half the person
That you used to be

Brag your exploits down the telephone
While you scatter her images
Around our home
And itís strange how
Where you feel pride
I felt only shame
I guess itís not unusual
That I took all the blame
Did you feel as guilty
When you whispered out my name

They say it takes a while
To really mean goodbye
You say you feel confused
But Iím just feeling used
A year of misery
Has left its mark on me
I should have left you when
I wanted to back then

Itís never fair

I wish I could remove
The things I put you through
Thereís nothing I could change
If we began again
But you donít have to take any more

I guess Iím only half the person
That you thought Iíd be
Iím thinking of the time
When you first said that you loved me
Iím feeling like Iím half the person
That I ought to be




Miki Berenyi

Itís a fantasy
Believe me
You touch my soul
With what you do





Heavenly Nobodies
Miki Berenyi

Just because they seem
To understand the way you feel
It just doesnít mean that
They feel the same way too
Just because they seem to
Hold a mirror to your life
It just doesnít follow
That theyíll be just like you
Take no heroes, itís no good
They donít stand up to you
Just take the bits you think that you can use

I remember when I was younger
I thought the answers were locked in people
So I admired the ones whose lives were
A source of envy to people like me

But do you really want to meet
The ones who write your dreams
Believe me itís a fantasy
You wonít like the reality
If you want heroes keep them safe
They donít stand up to life
So lock them in your soul
And lose the key

I love you, I donít want to meet you

When I see you it makes me feel
Thereís someone else out there like me
You touch my soul with what you do
It all makes sense when I hear you
You understand the way I feel
I know exactly what you mean
Itís like Iíve known you all my life
I think of you I feel all right

But in the flesh how would it be
If you could really see
The weaknesses you never knew
Alive and staring back at you
If you want heroes keep them safe
They donít stand up to life
So lock them in your soul
And lose the key




Hey Hey Helen
Benny Andersson / BjŲrn Ulvaeus

So at last youíre free
Itís the way you wanted it to be
Itís the price you pay
To be called a woman of today

Is it worth the pain
To see the children cry
Does it hurt when
They ask for Daddy

Hey Hey Helen
Now you live on your own
Hey Hey Helen
Can you make it alone

So youíre free at last
And beginning to forget the past
Does it make you sad
When you think
About the life you had

But youíre right
You had to take
A second chance
So you fight
To find your freedom

Hey Hey Helen
Whatís the matter with you
Hey Hey Helen
Donít you know what to do
Yes you do

© 1975 Universal/Union Songs MusikfŲrlag AB
Bocu Music Ltd




Miki Berenyi

A silly girl I run around
And never know my reasons
And though youíre laughing with me
I know what you say about me

I canít explain
Itís not your business anyway
So donít say you understand
And donít pretend youíre on my side

And I remember when
You hated her for sleeping next to him
I see your smiling face
But I know youíve done worse to me

You hypocrite
Donít talk to me
ĎCause youíre not fit to know me
So donít pretend that
You could have ever been a friend

And still Iím sure you think itís okay
What youíve done to me
ĎCause Iím so bad to him
Donít even try to hide behind that stupid lie
I know your kind and
I know where your loyalties lie

The silly girls we run around
And never know our reasons
And though I understand
I guess Iíll say that you betrayed me

Iím a hypocrite
I dish it out but I canít take it
I know you think itís wrong
And maybe youíre right but this is my song

And still Iím sure you think itís okay
What she did to me
ĎCause Iím so bad to him
Donít even try to hide behind that stupid smile
I know our kind and
I know where our loyalties lie




I Have The Moon   
Stephin Merritt

We have walked
In ancient times
And weíve been burned
For many crimes
We have ended many lives
But we never really died

You have the sun
I have the moon

Youíd have to fly
Around the world all day
To keep the sun
Upon your face
Iíd like to come and comfort you
But Iíd be blinded by the blue

You have the sun
I have the moon

Youíre bound to die
Under the sun
And Iíll be doomed to carry on
You have become
Like other men
But let me kiss you once again

You have the sun
I have the moon

© 1994 Gay And Loud (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Stephin Merritt/The Magnetic Fields




I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
T Dunbar / J Gangwer

Sitting here
So close together
So far weíre just friends
But Iíve been wondering whether
Am I just imagining you
Do you really have a thing for me
Like I think I see
When I see you smile
And your smileís for me
I gotta tell you

Hey you
I wanna be your girlfriend
Trying to say I want
To be your number one
Hey you
I wanna be your girlfriend
Gonna make you love me
ĎFore Iím done

Late at night
When I canít sleep
Picture in my mind
I see you and me
Iíll tell you what I want to be
You to say that youíre in love with me
You know feels so good in a dream
That I know in life
We just got to be
I gotta tell you

Gonna make you love me
Yeah, Iím gonna make you love me
Number one

© 1979 Carlin Music Corp




I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind  
Vashti Bunyan

Iíd like to walk around
In your mind someday
Iíd like to walk all over
The things you say to me

Iíd like to run and jump
On your solitude
Iíd like to rearrange
Your attitude to me

You say you just want peace
And youíd never hurt anyone
You see the end before
The beginning has ever begun

I would disturb
Your easy tranquillity
Iíd turn away
The sad impossibility
Of your smile

Iíd sit there hearing the sound
Of the things I like about you
Iíd sing my songs and find out
Just what they mean to you

But most of all
Iíd like you to be unaware
And Iíd just wander away
Trailing palm leaves behind me
So you donít even know
That Iíve been there

© 1970 Branch Music / Vashti Bunyan




I've Been Here Before
Emma Anderson

Iíve tried to be strong
Iíve tried to be tough
But I think that this time
Iíve had more than enough
Iíve seen too much of your games
And your immature stuff
Youíre a waste of time

All the people Iíve known
Throughout all the years
Too many vodkas
And too many beers
And Iíve learnt a few lessons
From all of the tears
Youíre way out of line

I feel so lucky sometimes
I sit down and I look at all my friends
They mean more than
The stupid fools
That pass my way

I used to prefer those
Who werenít good for me
Somehow the attraction beat reality
Now all the rubbish they spill
It means nothing to me
Iím just much more wise

Some people grow up
And some only pretend
Theyíre all over the place
These children dressed up as men
They canít imagine how
A woman can be only a friend
And they deal in lies

I feel so lucky sometimes
I sit down and I listen to my friends
They say more than
The empty words
That pass my way

And I feel so lucky sometimes
Iíve got a feeling
Iíve been here before
I can see the world for
What it really is

You think that Iím jealous
Well, donít be so vain
I can tell in your voice
You think I want you again
Well if I did
You know I think
Iíd be a little insane
You just leave me cold

You and her in
Your sad little world
You can only exist
With the help of a girl
Well, Iím glad itís not me
Iíve got my life to unfurl
Youíre just way too old




The Invisible Man
Emma Anderson

You are waiting for me
You catch me
When I am needing
A friend to hold

You can soothe me
Lie above me
Press hard

Then you strike
And I think that Iíll die
ĎCause I canít breathe
Canít breathe
Please let me start screaming

Eyes are open
Seeing nothing
Hands are tied
And I canít function
Please let me start screaming




Kiss Chase
Miki Berenyi

Tiny children on their own
They learn so fast
How to make new friends
How to play their new games

I remember a man
He had shiny hair
Always hanging around
When you went away
Little eight year old
She knows too many secrets
Much too young
To understand what it means

I remember a woman
With silver hair
And the smell and the taste
Of the bed we shared
So thatís how I behaved
Every time that you went away
And now though Iím older
Nothingís changed               [playing the same games]

And I knew every day
Came a chance that youíd leave me
So I found what I could
To take your place
Told me not to cry
Said that Iíd survive
As he waved goodbye

And I want to try
Not to make you cry
Want us to survive
Never say goodbye

But thatís how I behave
When you go away
Because though Iím older
Nothingís changed               [playing the same games]

And I know every day
Thereís a chance that youíll leave me
So I find what I can
To take your place




Miki Berenyi

Here we go
Iím hanging out in Camden
Drinking with my girlfriends
On a Saturday night
This guy says
Come and meet my girlfriend
Sheís sitting in the corner
Looking rather uptight
So I say Hello and I try to be nice
But I see heís feeling itchy
Trying to play us off each other
Girls, girls, please donít fight
[You get the picture]

Hey you, the muscles and the long hair
Telling me that women are superior to men
Most guys just donít appreciate this
You just try convincing me youíre better than them
So he talks for hours about his sensitive soul
And his favourite subject is sex
I donít even think he really wanted it
But Christ, this guyís too much
[I wanna tell him]

Iím as human as the next girl
I like a bit of flattery
But I donít need your practised lines
Your school of charm mentality
So save your breath for someone else
And credit me with something more
When it comes to men like you
I know the score
Iíve heard it all before
[Here comes the next one]

Blondie was with me for a summer
He flirted like a maniac but I wouldnít bite
Iím weak and he was so persistent
He only had to have me Ďcause I put up a fight

Oh God, the boy had such an ego
He liked to talk about himself
All day and all night
You think youíre such a ladykiller
But you were nothing special
ĎTil you turned out the light

When heís nice to me
Heís just nice to himself
And heís watching his reflection
Iím a five foot mirror
For adoring himself
Hereís seven years bad luck
[I wanna tell him]

When you say you love me
Youíre just flattering your vanity
But I donít need your practised lines
Your school of charm mentality
So save your breath for someone else
And credit me with something more
When it comes to men like you
I know the score
Iíve heard it all before

Ooh, youíre such a ladykiller
Always on a winner
Thinking that youíre in there
Oh boy, youíre such a ladykiller
Super sexy mister
Call it what you will

Oh, you think youíre such a ladykiller
I just bet youíre still there
Posing in the mirror
Hey girls, heís such a ladykiller
But we know where heís coming from
And we know the score




Last Night
Emma Anderson 

And even in your darkest hour
The recipe I cook for you
Can release its latent power
And make your body feel brand new

Canít you hear the music play
Being centre of what you want
Try to leave the past behind
Memories donít appeal

All the things we said
All the things we did
All the things that passed
Were satisfied

So what happened last night

I went out into the blue
Sat watching the cars go by
I walked into a bar
I donít remember anything
After the second glass

Well thatís all very well
They all say that
Itís very easy
Youíre not going to
Get away with it this time
Thatís for sure




Emma Anderson

Mirror maid
Tummy ache
Make up run
Lipstick girl
Black stick curl
In the New York sun

Inside out
You know about
My silly game
Even though
You donít know
About my name

Where Iíve been
What I dream
What I seem

Clumsy eyes
Realise how to
Write the word
You sing for me
When I am hurt

Stoned and blind
Never mind
Luckieís song
Press the keys
I can be where
You belong

Iím a fan
Of your hand

And Iím in love
Cry above

And Iím a fan
Of your hand
Every man




Leaves Me Cold
Miki Berenyi

Dreamís deep heat
Teasing my mind
Sleep feels sweet
Stealing my sighs
She breathes deep
When heís inside
Dreamís deep heat
Poisons my mind

Inside me
Thereís a separate world
Itís winning and
Iím losing control
Iím coming but
My eyes are closed
Iím coming but it
Leaves me cold

Nightís bright lights
Dim in the day
Blind eyes
Smile at you today
I find Iím falling away
My eyesightís
Never the same

Inside me
Thereís a separate girl
Sheís winning and
Iím losing control
Sheís coming but
My eyes are closed
Sheís coming
But I wake up and it
Leaves me cold




Light From A Dead Star
Miki Berenyi

He lives his life
In a world full of women
And he takes what
He wants from their love
And he throws the rest away
I cling to him and pray
But still he slips away
And now itís just too late
To wish him back again

She wonít put up with this life
So she leaves him
And she finds someone else
Falls in love and
She travels far away
I say that itís okay
And swallow all my pain
And now itís just too late
To wish her back again

They left me here
On my own
In a nightmare
And I just canít forgive any more
So I smile and turn away
Donít listen when they say
They wish that I could stay
ĎCause now itís just too late
To wish me back again




Lit Up
Emma Anderson

You feel like I do
Like the whole worldís
Forgotten you
And your life
Is so dull
And predictable

Your room seems like a cell
And you donít sleep very well
And your friends only talk
To point and to mock
And to ridicule

One day
Things wonít seem
The same way
I know

Morning in the mirror
Things will suddenly
Seem much clearer
I promise itís all right

His words donít flatter me
And theyíre printed for all to see
I donít care
Heís not there
Itís all history

The futureís yours to hold
And youíre really not very old
And your life is so white
So clean and so bright
And holds mystery




Lost Boy
Miki Berenyi lyrics
Emma Anderson music

Thereís a face I recognise
Seeing you again
Is such a lovely surprise
Beckoning me with your smile

Wait just a moment
ĎTil I know where I am
I feel your fingers slipping
Out of my hand
Now Iíve lost you
Whereíd you go to

Faces crowd you from my sight
Seems like Iím always
Just a moment behind
Thought I saw you walk outside

Thereís something nagging
In the back of my mind
Why did I think
Iíd never see you alive
Oh, Iím dreaming
Donít stop sleeping

Room to room
I run to find you
I should have never
Let you out of my sight
Desperate to be beside you

I didnít know
Iíd never see you again
Just want a moment
To be with you again
Oh, Iím waking
Now youíre fading




Love At First Sight
Stuart Moxham

I was waiting at the station
When your train came in
Wasn't you I was tiptoeing for
But you gave me a grin

Felt my heart in my throat
Felt my soul going out to you
Could this be love at first sight
I just didn't know
I didnít know

Don't you feel insecure
All about your love for me
There's nothing I adore more
Than a fake heart bleeding

© 1981 Copyright Control




Emma Anderson

You are the one
In your concrete arms
I adore you
Dirty and dear
Block out the sun
In your twists and turns I invade
You show me no fear

We blow around like
Tiny leaves in a big storm
Finding thereís nothing left
To breathe or to keep warm

You ebb and flow
And your rhythm beats my head
Leave me alone while you swallow up your dead

You are the one
You cradle me and kill
Caressing my face
Leave me undone
You suffocate and have me
This is the place

Every door conceals a dream and a nightmare
Nothing is ever really pure in the stale air

And when itís dark
Everything becomes more clear
Lie in the park when I want to have you near

You are the one
In your concrete arms
I adore you
Dusty and dear
Block out the sun
In your twists and turns I invade
You show me no fear

Left it unsung
I shall leave but Iíll return
Poison my lungs
My blood is full of lead
Things unsaid
My love for you still burns




Colin Newman / Graham Lewis

Well youíre a waste of space
No natural grace
Youíre so bloody thin
You donít even begin

To interest me
Not even curiosity
Itís not animosity
Just donít interest me

Youíre an energy void
A black hole to avoid
No soul, no heart
You donít even start

Tell me
Why donít you tell me

© 1977 Carlin Music Corp




Phil King





Emma Anderson

Wake with the sun
Whatís going on
When youíre gone
Fall asleep
When youíre near
Whatís going on
When youíre here

And sometimes I think if
I stand by the phone it may ring
And sometimes I worry and fear
What tomorrow may bring
And you sing

Breathe with your sigh
Makes me high
Donít know why
Touching your skin
Wishing you were within

Your eyes in a saucer
But mine are just clouded in grey
Weíve so much to say
But I canít and you just go away
Anyway wonít you stay

Wake with the sun
Whatís going on
When youíre gone
And when I lost control
I was cold and I felt old

The ground is beneath me
But slowly itís falling away
You say weíre like children
So why wonít you come out to play

And sometimes I think if
I look at the phone it may ring
And sometimes I worry and fear
What tomorrow may bring
When you sing




Emma Anderson

Only children
Sometimes comprehend
Loneliness can
Often be a friend
Have to shut yourself in
Donít know how to begin
Telling it to someone
Who doesnít fit in

I am sunken in biology
I cannot control
That part of me
I donít want to hurt you
But I know I will do
Maybe we could find out
What are we to do

I donít have
Long fingernails to use
Would we care
If we were black and blue

Weíre both sick
But still you hold my hand
Weíre together
But I understand
Walk along the seaside
This is not a joyride
Tell me in the meantime
Itís okay




Nothing Natural
Emma Anderson

Before I met you I was blind
Pills and liquid filled my mind
Beneath your outline I was new
Overflowing with your tune

And donít you know youíre beautiful
Next month I missed you like a child
Couldnít see past you though I tried

And donít you know youíre beautiful

Now I think of every hour
When you still retained your power
And the precious nights weíd share
When weíd breathe in common air

The feeling now youíre gone
This wretched life goes on
The knife inside of me
It turns just like a key

The sunlight always comes too soon
My body asks me what to do
I was so small and vulnerable
And you are only beautiful

The seasons shining in your hair
And it was more than I could bear
But I can see you in my smile
And you are only beautiful




Miki Berenyi

Come with me
Into a cool blue stream
Bleed into oceans green
Lips open wide
Drinking the tide

Reach for me
Here where the
Ocean sea melts
And you sink with me
Deeper inside
Iíll make you mine

Take me down
Down where
Their voices drown
Down where
The only sound
Echoes for me

Floating away
Under the waves
Kiss me again
Youíll tell me when

Salt on my lips
Cool fingertips
Under the sea
Stay here with me




Emma Anderson 

Will I ever be Olympia
Will I ever be a girl like her
Will I ever have to say the word
And instantly Iíll be adored

Could I ever deign to have the look
Instead of have to read a book
Will I ever be Olympia
Will I ever be a girl like her

And if ever thereís a will
Thereís a place in Notting Hill
You can go and visit still
And if ever thereís a way
To find a hopeful ray
Will I find it out today

Will I ever be Olympia
Could I ever have a cat like her
Could I ever lie around all day
Eating chocolate and marmalade

Now itís time to find the perfect world
Dress myself up like the perfect girl
Could I ever be Olympia
Could I ever be in love like her

In the chaos of our lives
Can we ever find the time
To cherish feeling fine
And in the aftermath of pain
Can the balance be regained
Will we ever be the same

And now time to switch off
Sit down
Turn the lights off
Lie back
Treat this sofa like your own
Look out
Here comes trouble
Look out
Weíre in a muddle
Keep running Ďtil you find
Youíve reached your home




Out of Control
Miki Berenyi lyrics
Emma Anderson music

Donít cry darling
Letís try to make up
Please donít push me, Iím over the top
Drown my sorrows
Weíve just got to stop
Iíll say sorry if you let it drop

I canít understand why you wonít take my hand
Out of control and you hurt me so much
Feeling Iím falling
No hope and no warning
Out of control but I love you so much

Donít say sorry, itís not what you mean
I canít help you if thatís how you feel
I see the storm gathering now
Dark clouds that block out the light

Cries in the wind as the lightning begins
Out of control Ďcause you hurt me so much
Tears in the rain and a sky full of pain
Out of control but I love you so much
Words are still stinging
My eardrums are ringing
All that I want is the joy of your touch
Breaking our hearts as our worlds fall apart
Out of control but I love you so much

Hold me darling I donít want to fight
Too far too close, I canít get it right
I wonít ask you to rein it now
Change has already begun

Iím feeling Iím falling
The future is calling
Out of control Ďcause youíre in such a rush
Sweet in the centre
Itís all the adventure
Out of control but I love you so much

Seasons are changing
Our loveís rearranging
All that I want is the joy of your touch
Twisted together, our love is forever
Out of control and I love you so much




Outdoor Miner
Colin Newman / Graham Lewis

No blind spots
On the leopardís eyes
Can only help
To jeopardize
The lives of lambs
The shepherd cries

An outdoor life
For the silverfish
Eternal dust
Less ticklish
Than the clean room
A houseguestís wish

He lies on his side
Is he trying to hide
In fact itís the Earth
Which heís known since birth

Face worker
A serpentine miner
A roof falls
An underliner
Of leaf structure
The egg timer

© 1979 Carlin Music Corp




Outside World
Emma Anderson

Lately I donít feel quite as I should
Lately I donít feel quite as I could
Iíve been tired, lonely
Sick of all this talk
Itís been heading downward
Since we left New York

Lately Iíve been feeling really down
Sorry but my mindís in London town
Is it me or are these hotels really bad
I want some decent TV
Not this endless ad

Donít worry
Youíre a long long way from home
People speak to me but I feel so alone

Canít you understand
My bodyís changing fast
Itís not up to me
How long Iím going to last




Miki Berenyi

Maybe I should
Make you stay away
So you can
Really concentrate
On where you are today

When you phone
I sit and think alone
And wonder if your life
With her is really as you say

Then again youíre still a friend
Iíll be loyal to you Ďtil the end

Come to me
With wounds
You want to heal
Iíll listen and
Iíll try to understand
The way you feel

Never fear
That Iíll be gone from here
Iíll always be around
For you to talk to me
My dear

We can try to justify
Reasons for and reasons why
Some are true
And some are only lies

With fingers crossed
You close your eyes
And hope that things
Will turn out fine
Thereís not a lot that I can do
If youíre too weak
To face the truth

ĎCause if the things
You tell me are
The way you really claim they are
Then I can only pity you
For being such a fool




Chris Acland

Is this the last time
I don't know
Feeling so tired
Patience wearing thin
Oh, what to do
Where else can I go
Used to have a good time
Donít know who I am

Itís building up inside me
Itís welling up inside me

I donít like the way you tell me
That I could do that in my sleep
We used to have a great time
When we didnít look so cheap
Oh itís such a drag
Oh itís such a bore
Can I just keep singing along
Or can I be ignored

Itís coming up inside me
Itís welling up inside me

Just for one day to get away
To be somewhere else
To find some time to
Try to think straight
Donít crash like he did
It all seems so complicated
Donít tell me you like
Where you are now
Is this the last time
I donít know

Is this the last time
I donít know
Used to have a good time
Donít know who I am

Itís building up inside me
Itís welling up inside me

© 1996 Copyright Control




Plums and Oranges
Emma Anderson 

Itís a lonely day in this house
Grey and insular in this house
Iím so bored and jaded
Iím so tired of feeling blue

Itís a sunny day in your house
I canít see the clouds in your house
This is where Iím staying
I just want to be with you

Please believe me when I say
All is what it seems
Iíve packed them up
And thrown them away
You know what I mean
From the inside
To the outside over again

Please believe me when I say
All is what it seems
The fish next door are shining today
You know what I mean

Itís a different day in this house
Plums and oranges in this house
This is where Iím staying
This is where I want to be




Emma Anderson

Who wants pudding
And who wants honey
And who wants bananas and cream

Who wants possessions
With various obsessions
Which God will remove if you scream

Nothing much has changed

My bodyís a-creakiní
My mind keeps a-leakiní
My feet are all dirty and grey

I live in my nightgown
From sun up to sun down
And watching the sweet tooth decay

Nothing much has changed

Blind spots
Join the dots
Colour in Barbie and Ken

Scab on the knee
Biscuits for tea
I live in my cupboard
With friends then

Nothing much has changed




Miki Berenyi lyrics
Emma Anderson music

I am holding my breath
Closer to death
Waiting for a chance

Sleep now
Lie in the bed
Thatís when I send
My curse into your heart
The fragile fantasy expires
If you wonít do
What they desire

But in the heat of the lights
Itís harder to say no
You look so vulnerable alone

Theyíre just having some fun
How is it wrong
If you wear a smile
I will pluck out their eyes
Throwing their worthless gifts into the fire

A drop of blood is all it takes
To close your eyes
And seal your fate
And when the fireworks end
A hundred years will pass
Iíll hold your happiness
In my heart

Goodnight my baby girl
And dream of paradise
My thorns will cradle you with love

I am holding my breath
Closer to death
Waiting for my chance




Miki Berenyi

Come on boy
I want to dance now
Line by line
We talk all night yeah
Hold me down
I think Iím flying
Everybodyís eyes are shining
Run away to where the world is fine

Hold on boy
Youíre falling fast now
Line by line
You go nowhere yeah
Drag me down
I feel Iím sinking
Canít relate to what youíre thinking
Run away to where the sun donít shine

Hello, hello
Are you still there
You donít answer me
ĎCause you just donít care
Act so young but you look so old
And youíre too far gone
To find your own way home

Lifeís so hard for you to handle
You canít live without your devil
Boy, you think that youíre so special
Well, life is hard for everyone
Believe me

Hello, hello
Are you still there
You donít answer me
ĎCause thereís no-one there
Run away from your own sweet soul
And youíre too far gone
To find your own way home




Rupert The Bear  
Frank Weston / Ron Roker

Thereís a little bear
Like youíve never seen before
Whoís a lot of fun
Children everywhere
Grow to love him more and more
Heís their number one

Thereís a million stories to be told
Of the things that heís done
And heís going to share
Them all with you
So come along

Oh Rupert, Rupert the bear
Everyone sing his name
Rupert, Rupert the bear
Everyone come and join
In all of his games

There is Badger Bill
Little Tiger Lily too
And a whole lot more
They are Rupertís friends
And theyíre waiting here for you
So unlock the door

Thereís a magic land
Not far away
And they call it Nutwood
Where youíll meet
A little teddy bear
If you are good

Rupert the bear
My little Rupert

© 1971 ATV/Sony Music Publishing




Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Nothing can eclipse
Tender fingertips
Youthful girlish hips
Crimson pouting lips

But what díyou say
When nothingís meant
What díyou do
When all is spent

Faithless faceless night
Drenched in empty light
Scarlet starletís bright
Vanityís delight

Cream of life
Youíll find in her
First to come
Sheís first to serve

Turned away
Youíre out of luck
Spurned again
No-one to fall in love




Second Sight
Miki Berenyi

Peel back empty night
Grey dawn breaks into white
Sun climbing the sky
Your eyes reflecting the light
Clouds out of sight
But when the day is through
Will I see you again

Keep your eyes on me
Donít let go of my hand
Running together
We go together so well
I can tell

Run where I run
Play where I play
Do what I do
But when this day is through
Will I see you again




Shut Up
Emma Anderson

I canít seem to find
The time to ponder
I only think when
I go for a wander

Life is too short
I feel that Iím caught
I canít go on feeling like this

I close my mind to
Boring stuff that you say
Iím cold and numb to
Things that you put my way

Itís gone on too long
I have to be strong
My interest is gone long ago

I canít bear it
When you start to moan
ĎCause night and day
Youíre always on the phone

And the fact my house
Is not my home
Why canít you
Just leave me alone




Single Girl
Emma Anderson

Single girl
I donít want to be a single girl
Donít want to be
On my own again tonight
Donít want to put out the light

Single girl
I donít want to be a single girl
Single girl
Who would want to be a single girl
Donít want to talk
To myself again tonight
Donít want to put out the light

When you abandoned me
Well, it was heaven sent
When I abandoned you
It was what you meant
Well, it was me that knew it
And it was you that went
Havenít changed our minds
It was meant to be

Donít want to clean up
Your mess again tonight
Donít want to be in a fight
And I can do what
I want again tonight
With who I choose [2]
Itís all right
Single girl
I just want to be
A single girl




Emma Anderson /  Miki Berenyi

Walking at midnight
In the darkness alone
Standing in the shadows
And Iím watching your glow

Standing in the red light
And Iím smiling at you
Dreaming of the starlight
Just waiting for you

Iíll do anything to
Make you mine
Make me shine
Take me if you want me
I donít care
I donít mind

I want your starlight
Make it mine
Make me shine
Touch me with your light
And Iíll burn like a star




Miki Berenyi

In your green field sleep
Chasing through the trees
Do you still see me
Do you still hear me

Do you still meet me




Emma Anderson

And she came
Down from above
Close my eyes
And I feel like
Iím in love

Wrapped in silk
How I got here
I donít know
Tastes like milk
And thereís
Nowhere else to go

Soft red lips
Slowly open wide
Honey drips and
I long to feel inside

Deep and warm
The only place to be
Sleep Ďtil dawn
And she does
The same for me

Draw a fine line
Heal my bad spine
Close together
Now itís all mine

Wake in sunlight
Bleak white
Realise sheís gone




Emma Anderson

Me in the world
Losing tears
Shedding fears
Strain for the sun
Make you run
Make you come

You donít know
You donít know

Iím in my home
All the time
On my own
Low finger fine
Take whatís mine
From behind

You donít know
You donít know
Itís not there
You donít care

Youíre still inside of me
Beneath the cotton core
My pictures smile at me
But soon theyíll rise and soar

Fill up my space
Turn around
Fade and trace
Be absolute
Blue and white
Fatal fruit
She nylon smile
Full of lies
Shining eyes
Cover my grin
Take a chance
Maybe win

Itís not there
Itís not fair
You donít know
You donít care




Chris Acland / Miki Berenyi

Driving back again
And heís feeling trashed again
Honestly he says, Iíll go carefully he says
I know that one was close, okay
But I swear Iím in control, he says
Letís go back to yours again
ĎCause I need a little more
And here I go again
Iím feeling off my head
Iíll get another round
Oh, just one more then weíll hit the road

Oh, my history is a nightmare
Wife and kids, you know itís a nightmare

I know that sounds so bad
But I canít explain
Or maybe youíre right Iím crap
And I just canít explain
I know Iíve been around
But now itís really love

[I canít try to tell you why]

[I canít begin to tell you why]

[I canít try to tell you why]

And here I go again
Iím feeling off my head
Iíll get another round
Oh, letís just say that itís one for the road

Have I had enough
Am I looking really rough
Call my answer-phone
I pretend Iím not at home

I know that sounds so bad
But I canĎt explain
Or maybe youíre right Iím crap
And I just canít explain
Iíll meet you in the bar
And maybe I just might
Turn up this time
Things are going to change

[I canít try to tell you why]

        [I canít begin to tell you why]

[I canít tell you why]

And here I go again
Iím really off my head
Iíll get another round
Oh, just one more then weíll hit the road




Sweetness And Light
Emma Anderson

See my life
See my self
See my life
See my sight
[Iíve been so tired]
[Iíve been uptight]
[Iíve been so tired]
        [I could disappear]

See with you
Memories fading fast
And with me
Itís never going to last

You are the sweetness in my eyes
You are an apple in disguise

See with you
I never seemed
To look the other way
Only to stay
Only to breathe
Only to see
That space and light
Is what I really need

You are the sweetness in my eyes
You are an apple in disguise
I never wanted to tell lies
You are the sweetness in my eyes

You are the sweetness in my eyes
You are an apple in disguise
You are the juice I need for life
You are the sweetness in my eyes




Miki Berenyi

Heís perfect
At least within his dreams
Heís perfect
To satisfy my scheme
He doesnít know my game
I donít recall his name

And though itís true
My flesh is new
Believe me dear
My mind is clear

Heís smiling at me
He thinks heís won the night
Iím laughing at him
Imagine what you like

I know heís seen
Inside Iím green
But still heís blind to
What goes on
Inside my mind

Heís smiling at me
He thinks heís won the night
Iím thinking of me
Imagine what you like

He claimed his prize
I had my price
I know itís cruel
But I refuse to be
The only one to lose




Emma Anderson 

Come on, little man
Now allís said and done
All that Iím asking
Is you show me some fun
I need purple views
And scenic greens
They can make me soar
And touch extremes

I just fell down from whitest skies
And now I start to realise
And all the colours talk to me

And if I had wings
Then I could take you in
Iíd stay on the ground
And I could teach you things

The grass is strewn with blades of gold
These sights and songs I have been told
All hopes, desires that seem to sing

Come on, little man
Now your timeís nearly through
Colours are dripping down
Red and blue
Iím standing in the middle
Of a great glass ball
Iím told that Iíve nothing
But Iím having it all

I just rose up from blackest seas
My eyes were opened so widely
And itís a shame to end this way




Miki Berenyi

Everybody knows a woman like me
Insecurity is my philosophy
I see other women
As the competition

Iím always nice to men
And so theyíre nice to me
But other girls always seem
To be bitching about me
I say they must be jealous
I say that itís because
Their boyfriends all fancy me

Close my eyes
And fantasise
A world of men and only me
So much fun
To be number one
What good are sisters to me

I just canít relate to somebody
Unless I use my sexuality
Normal conversation
Always leaves me insecure

Men are so much
More approachable
Clever, kind and intellectual
And I never feel uncomfortable
In their company

Male appreciation
Is my one ambition
Itís a competition I must win

When I talk to girls
Itís just one-upmanship
Because I donít want
Their friendship
Just their jealousy




Tiny Smiles
Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Iíd like to do
Something for you
You want me to
Sheís just the same
She likes to play
Iíll hide kisses in your hair

Donít feel ashamed
Youíre not to blame
Itís just a game
But just the same
What would they say

Baby, angel on my knee
Our lips are sealed

Come sit with me
Slide on my knee
Sing just for me
And for a while
Iíll make you smile

Baby, angel on my knee
I know what you want from me
Iíll make you smile

Sheís listening
To laughter
And whispering
But she wonít say
Nothing to him, see

Sheís just the same




Emma Anderson

In this world I live in
I care for number one
Hell is round the corner
Never trust no-one

Funny how the people
Came to gather round
Oh so many people
When I was on the ground

Iíve never known what love is
Thereís no Mr. Right
If they want to treat me good
Then thatís their sorry plight

Funny how the people
Came to give their voice
Are they really people
Or just silly little boys

Say what you want
I donít mind
Say what you need
I donít mind

I want all the people
To notice who I am
Youíve got to show them
What youíve got
Or they wonít
Give a damn




Miki Berenyi

So you want
To be alone
Run and hide
Inside your home
Watch you fall
Away from me
Sinking into misery

Taste your smile
And hold my hands
Make you laugh
And make you dance
I remember this
Everything was
In our kiss

Sink my hands
Into the sea
Reach your fingers
Up to me
Trust me
One more time
I can only try
Throw yourself to me
And Iíll try
To pull you free

Let me try
To pull you free




Miki Berenyi

Itís not easy
But try to picture this
Do you remember
That we were once together
Isnít it strange
Isnít it
Iím sorry itís come to this
But why are we here bothering
What was it we talked about

So just remind me
Of why weíre wasting so much time
Pretending that there is
Something more than only this
Only this pointless accusation
Tell me again
Why are we here

Iím not offended
By the things that you say
ĎCause itís such a
Predictable way to behave
Talk and insult me
íTil youíre blue in the face
You were right
I was wrong
Now does that make you happy

Iím quite aware
Of all the bad things I did
You donít have to remind me
Of why you dislike me
Thereís no solution
To the mess that weíre in
Itís so sad and so boring
I wish youíd just leave me alone

But I understand
The games you play
Iím ashamed of
All the things I did to you




When I Die
Emma Anderson 

If you walked in now
I wouldnít start
I wouldnít frown
And if you just appeared
I wouldnít cry or think it weird

ĎCause you are still around
Youíre in the air
Youíre in the ground
And you canít go away
I am afraid youíre here to stay

Friends donít understand
They close the door
They raise their hands
She says she hears your voice
Of course she does
She has no choice

I was hours ahead
When they removed
You from your bed
They drank all the while
Until you said goodbye

Why are we sitting here in ourselves

I donít look up
I donít down
I look ahead
And make no sound
My love was there
I only stare

Healthy in my dreams
Is what you are
Is what it seems
What does it all mean
Youíre only hiding behind a screen

Curse the English day
For what it forces us to say
Banish all the pain
ĎCause when I die
Iíll see you again




White Wood
Emma Anderson / Miki Berenyi

Just hold my hand
And stroke my hair
And ask them not to stand and stare
My mind is scattered everywhere
And all around I see despair

My heart was broken long ago
Iíve come so far and sunk so low
The truthís a man without a soul
I find him every place I go

All is fair in love they say
Liars, liars
I found only misery
Love is cruel
I can close my eyes
And see something better
Fairy-tales and fantasy
Let me sleep
Let me dream

Just hold my hand
And stroke my hair
And tell me everythingís okay
Iím waiting for my millionaire
Just lie to me and say heís there

They say the truth is beautiful
Liars, liars
What do they know of the truth anyway
I can close my eyes
And be some place better [1]
Fairy-tales and fantasy
Thatís the world for me













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