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This is an archived copy of the site's guestbook, started before anyone was using Facebook. It contains many great stories, for example see the 2010-04-08 entry. The form for posting new entries is no longer available because I had to cancel the paid guestbook service.
All 154 Guestbook entries, from January 2008 to September 2014

#57 | Wed, Sep 24 2014, 1:45 am, GMT  | Andrew  | Location United States United States
I had the lucky privilege of interviewing Miki, Emma and Phil for the 20th anniversary of Split. Hope you enjoy!



#56 | Thu, Sep 11 2014, 7:54 pm, GMT  | Christophe  | Location France France
I am French and unfortunately, lush is not very famous here. I have known their music since they started. Some songs are just magnificent. I just can't stop listening to them regularly and always feel the same pleasure. Thanks lush


#55 | Wed, Aug 13 2014, 12:15 am, GMT  | The Red Monghead  | Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
This might be of some interest to those looking for the most up to date news on Miki.

She took part in a live reading of the book 'Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman' by David Quantick, writer and broadcaster.

Here is the link - http://youtu.be/H81yolUW_yY

Miki looks and sounds great and has the same irreverent and intelligent humour she is well known for :)


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#54 | Mon, May 19 2014, 6:31 pm, GMT  | jim
i love this site! Lush is my favorite band! :D


#53 | Mon, May 12 2014, 2:49 am, GMT  | Pierre   | Location France France
I would like to suggest someting new in the menu : the lush musical equipment that can be very useful for people who would like to play the songs.

I thing there are plans on the net about the instruments Lush used.

I also found this unexpected interview of Emma in Soniccathedral.co.uk about DigiTech Whammy WH-1 and explains how she used it in Astronaut, Laura and Superblast !

Hear and find how she used it
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pw3rwLT1M4 Greaaaaaaaat !

Thank you very much for keeping this site alive !
Split will be 20 soon !!!


#52 | Thu, May 1 2014, 8:58 am, GMT  | Robin
I am very appreciate this website! This place shows so much love!
For a lush fan who was born in 90s, I always wish that I could be born earlier and meet them.

This place can let me know more about them, not only their music, but also their live through photo.

Love from Hong Kong!


#51 | Thu, Apr 17 2014, 6:42 pm, GMT  | Bob Afos   | Location United States United States
Lush is so cool. So very cool.


#50 | Fri, Mar 21 2014, 7:56 pm, GMT  | Robin   | Location United States United States
What a fantastic site for a fantastic band! Really appreciate all the work you've put into this, Bill, it's an invaluable resource. Of course I fell in love with "Sweetness and Light" on MTV, but I don't think I heard from Lush again until "Ladykiller" got some radio play so many years later. Turns out there was lots of fantastic music in-between and I'm only now discovering it! Better late than never, eh? Will likely spend the near future clicking around this site and wishing I was there. Thanks to Lush for the tunes, and best wishes to all! :-)


#49 | Thu, Jan 30 2014, 4:08 am, GMT  | Wesley    | Location United States United States
Fantastic website! I discovered Lush about 6 months ago and I've gobbled up all their music. I'm 22 and had been into shoegaze and 90's stuff for a while and good ol' Spotify showed me Lush. I heard Sweetness and Light and was captivated. That song has a real resonance for me and just makes me want to get up and move. It must be my favorite song ever. I listened to their entire discog and was not disappointed.

Words do not fully convey what I feel about Lush. Truly a great band. Wish I was old enough in the 90's to go to a show.

I saw that there was a VW Passat Commercial from '96 or so that featured Sweetness and Light, but the video had been taken down from Youtube. Anyone know where I can see it? I drive a Passat myself and listen to Sweetness and Light on the regular.


#48 | Fri, Jan 3 2014, 9:57 pm, GMT  | Tom   | Location Germany Germany

I have 2 additional german numbers for the Discog:

LOVELIFE (LP): Rough Trade RTD 120.2035.2

SPLIT (LP) Rough Trade RTD 120.1905.2
The bonus CD contains:
1. White wood (4ī14")
2. Girlsīs world (4ī56")
3. Lovelife (8ī15") SUGA BULLIT MIX

question: My sweetness and Light EP has a AD cover BAD0013CD, but a rough Trade sticker 220.1110.2(16) on.
Instead of Lush songs they pressed the Hitchhikerīs Guide part4.
Is there anybody else who have a false pressing ?

Thanks to everybody who keep the momeries alive.
What a wonderful band Lush was.



#47 | Sun, Dec 15 2013, 10:01 pm, GMT  | Thomas  | Location Denmark Denmark
Miki on stage with Hard Skin this October: http://youtu.be/4NdWs1Xxotk. You can see her hair at around 3:00 and she enters the stage at 4:15. Whooo!


#46 | Sat, Dec 14 2013, 8:17 pm, GMT  | johnnythehorse
hi,does anyone know anything about the earl brutus/lush cover of mouldy ole dough cheers john


#45 | Mon, Sep 2 2013, 12:28 am, GMT  | Seb  | Location France France
Hi !

I was browsing through this amazingly great web site and came across this sentence in the gig section : "The tape I received had the venue listed as the LíAeronef in Lille, however Miki Berenyi's personal gig list shows that the correct venue is actually Les Inrockuptibles in Lille".

Actually, the venue in Lille is indeed "L'Aťronef", but Lush played there as part of a festival organized by French music magazine "Les Inrockuptibles". So that's why you got confused I guess.



#44 | Fri, Aug 16 2013, 10:32 pm, GMT  | Trenton James   | Location Australia Australia
I remember seeing Lush live in Australia over 20 yrs ago now and most recently after listening to "sweetness and light" a rush of nostalgia swept over me...so much so I wrote to Emma and she was very kind enough to reply! Back then I was a little terrified of Miki to tell you the truth. On stage she appeared as though some sort of Samourai/Hungarian warrior with that red hair. In time though, I have loved reading her words and reminiscences...Happy for both girls that they are mothers that moved the world with their truly beautiful music...


#43 | Sat, Jun 29 2013, 8:42 am, GMT  | Frederic   | Location France France
Saw them in Le Divan du Monde in Paris in June 1996. small place huge sound, still thrilled to this day !! Didn't know at the time they were so close to the end.



#42 | Fri, May 31 2013, 11:23 pm, GMT  | Kevin Cahill   | Location Ireland Ireland
Just bought 'Gala' having heard some songs on it over the years...absolutely love it...Sweetness and Light still one of the best songs ever! Steve's bass on 'Hey Hey Helen' is excellent. Thanks for the joy Chris, Emma, Miki, Steve.


#41 | Fri, May 10 2013, 6:37 am, GMT  | Jason  | Location United States United States
Saw Lush at the old Ritz in Tampa April 92. Great band Emma was hot!!!!


#40 | Thu, Jan 3 2013, 3:08 pm, GMT  | James T  | Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
Just been gerting back into Lush having not paid them much attention at the height of Britpop, just realising what I missed! Love the album Lovelife, really wish I'd seen them back in the mid 90's in the UK.


#39 | Sat, Sep 29 2012, 8:00 pm, GMT  | oliver  | Location Germany Germany
Never never and desire lines....songs for evermore !! Thank you Emma and Miki for that! songs to die for...songs to live for... Oliver from Neuss, germany.
#38 | Mon, Sep 17 2012, 2:56 am, GMT  | Mark  | Location United States United States
Some Lush songs are so beautiful they make me cry like I've just been handed a newborn child.


#37 | Tue, Jul 24 2012, 3:29 am, GMT  | Vicki   | Location Canada Canada
thank you so much for keeping this site up! I miss lush terribly, and reading all the stories is bittersweet. :)

are there lush shirts available anywhere? I'd buy another one today if I could.


#36 | Tue, Jul 24 2012, 2:29 am, GMT  | Jim  | Location Canada Canada
This is the best site dedicated to Lush that I've seen yet. They were musicians that truly changed how I look at music, I bought Gala, and The Real Ramona by Throwing Muses on the same road trip and it really was the best time of my life. Best wishes to all the other fans, and to Miki, Emma, Phil, Steve, and prayers and thoughts for Chris and his family. ☮


#35 | Wed, Jul 4 2012, 4:09 pm, GMT  | Len  | Location United States United States
Thanks for putting up such a great website for an incredible band. Lush was one of my favorite bands from that late 1980's-early 1990s alternative / "shoegaze" period, which was an incredible era for music. The moment I first heard De-Luxe I was hooked.

I was fortunate enough to see Lush three times during their short career: in 1991 with Ride, 1992 at Lollapalooza, and on their final 1996 tour. All of these were great shows, and I wish I had seen them more often.

The most touching memory I have of them was at their September 7, 1996 show at the Filmore, San Francisco (one of their last shows). It was Chris's 30th birthday and they had a couple of Elvis impersonators onstage to celebrate. He seemed so happy (and embarrassed), it was hard to believe the end was only a month away.

Over the years, Lush faded away in my memories. I sort of re-discovered them on YouTube about a year ago, along with other bands from that great era, and now love them more than ever.


#34 | Wed, Jun 27 2012, 12:27 am, GMT  | Panos   | Location Greece Greece
Unfortunately, I was born only in 1991, and I never had the chance to listen to Lush, until a couple of years ago, let alone going to a gig, but since then, I am a great fan and I'm also happy to discover a site that has so much information about this wonderful band.

But the thing about Lush, is that they made me to feel nolstagic about them and, more generally, their era, even though I never actually experienced that period of time. It's like what the Portuguese call "Saudade".

Of course I want Lush to reunite one day, and I sincerely hope that Miki, Emma and Phil will find the motives and the inspiration to do that. Who knows?...


#33 | Fri, Jun 15 2012, 7:41 am, GMT  | griffin  | Location United States United States
I dig your website. Filled with a massive wealth of information on one of the greatest (and most underrated) bands of all time. I'm the only person I know who even knows who Lush are (i'm a 14 year old kid and live in the United States, so naturally, not very many of my friends are going to know them). I discovered Lush from playing a video game several years ago (of all things), the song was Ladykillers, I thought "oh this is a pretty good track I'll look up more of their stuff", and from the minute I heard De-Luxe for the first time, I fell in love. I downloaded Gala, Spooky, Split and Lovelife and became hooked, also Lush led me to branch out my music taste and discover other great bands. I'm thankful for that. Cheers to one of the most talented bands to walk this earth, and the two gorgeous ladies Miki and Emma (also Phil and Steve, can't forget about them, and RIP Chris, such a sad story about what happened to him). I only hope that Lush either reunite or we see some bands take some influence from them and bring back that classic sound. I only wish I could of grew up during their hey-day, I would of been going to so many of their gigs


#32 | Wed, Jun 13 2012, 7:37 pm, GMT  | Patrick  | Location United States United States
This is a fantastic website. Just wanted to pay homage to a great band. I remember seeing these guys in Chicago and the live performance was outstanding. There's really never been a sound quite like theirs.

Thanks for the great music...which will always last forever! If you guys ever do a reunion tour I'll be there.


#31 | Wed, Jun 6 2012, 7:19 pm, GMT  | Lyle Knutson   | Location United States United States
One night back in 1992 I was channel surfing and came across the video for "Sweetness and Light" on MTV's 120 minutes - I was hooked instantly !!!!! I've been a Lush fan ever since that night !!!! Theres alot of magic in their music. I would like to add that I'm a bigtime MetalHead and all MetalHeads have their guilty pleasures !!!! Lush is definitely one of mine !!!!!


#30 | Sun, Feb 26 2012, 7:16 pm, GMT  | Jeremy  | Location United States United States
I first heard Lush in 1995/96. I went into a music store and grabbed some cds with interesting covers by bands I had never heard of. When I put "Spooky" into the player and heard "Stray" for the first time it floored me. Since then Lush has been a mainstay of my collection. Today I swung into the record store by my place (Wax Trax) and found a mint copy of "Scar" on vinyl which I proceed to play really loud. Dear Lush, thanks for every thing.


#29 | Fri, Jan 20 2012, 9:38 am, GMT  | Simon   | Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
Recently got into the band 2:54 who remind me of Lush - but that may be because they also have a song called Scarlet! ;)
Anyway that prompted me to dig out my Lush records, which I haven't played for ages due to most of them being on vinyl. I bought Scar when it was first released after reading the reviews and was immediately hooked - don't think I ever got to see them live though :(
Nice to find this site to remind me of what I have I have been missing.


#28 | Sun, Jan 1 2012, 8:11 pm, GMT  | Mike S  | Location United States United States
I've loved Lush since '92.. and only had the opportunity to see them once, in Pittsburgh, August 1991 Lollapalooza. I've never forgot anything about that show, and have spent the past 20 years obsessed with this band. I remember in '96 getting my Rupert the Bear in the mail... out of nowhere. Then, getting a Christmas card from them.

Thank you, Lush. You mean the world to me. I would give anything to meet Emma, Miki and Phil.. to give you all the biggest, warmest of hugs of appreciation. You were indeed the best.

Best Wishes for 2012,

Mike S - Pittsburgh, PA/Virginia Beach, VA


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#27 | Sun, Dec 25 2011, 5:51 pm, GMT  | Junior   | Location United States United States
Love your sight. Thank you very much. I get all misty eyed when I remember this band. I was 15 in the states when I had a copy of Spooky. As the cliched saying goes "it was the soundtrack of my life" then.


#26 | Wed, Nov 30 2011, 11:28 am, GMT  | Eric  | Location United States United States
A fan since Spooky I was lucky enough to see them live 8-22-96 In Indianapolis,In.They were in fine form that show and I was hopeful to get my copy of Split signed by at least one band member.The Eels opened up for them on this night and before the Eels went on to my suprise Both Emma and Miki were hanging round the bar/main floor area.Part of me felt like a fool going up to them with my Split cd jacket but they were both very nice and took time to meet fans before the show.Of course none of us knew how close to the end it was but I am grateful to have seen the most underrated band of the 90's live and to find out they were truly nice people.


#25 | Tue, Nov 29 2011, 7:10 pm, GMT  | Andrew G   | Location United States United States
Great band..underrated.. the music always sounds fresh


#24 | Sat, Nov 19 2011, 9:13 pm, GMT  | MattM  | Location United States United States
Until this week I had never even heard of Lush (such are the joys of living in the United States sometimes). Absolutely amazing sound. Fortunately I have been able to find the albums on Amazon so I can enjoy at my leisure.


#23 | Sat, Oct 22 2011, 10:13 pm, GMT  | David Liso    | Location Switzerland Switzerland

Lush. The most underrated band on earth. They will never get the recognition they deserve. I am sure Emma and Miki are happy being moms, but their music will live forever. One of the most influential and original bands that ever was. By the way, live, didn't Miki's hands hurt playing a 12-string?

Cheers to you for the website,



#22 | Wed, Oct 19 2011, 5:39 am, GMT  | Timm  | Location Germany Germany
Lovely photos & site.
Brings back some memories.


#21 | Mon, Oct 10 2011, 9:01 am, GMT  | Brian  | Location United States United States
Thanks for making and keeping this site up. I have been a huge Lush fan ever since I was 7 when my sister used to play them all the time (1991). I have became a huge collector nerd over the years and have acquired some pretty nice items (test pressings, etc etc). One day, I hope to get some pics for you to add to the memorabilia section.


#20 | Wed, Oct 5 2011, 10:20 pm, GMT  | Pierre  | Location France France
Dear Bill,

It's always a REAL PLEASURE to get connected with your website ! All of us are all hoping for new photos and ITW coming from the band. Nice work ! Thank you so much to make Lush live again. Lush is not dead !

Lovelife. Pierre ;)


#19 | Tue, Jun 28 2011, 3:18 am, GMT  | alex alaska p   | Location United States United States
re: jim from texas

that's pretty awesome you were able to get in touch with Miki, and for her to respond. ahhh Lush, reminiscing is so bittersweet. i really miss those years. for them to reunite would be really cool.

man, miki is such a 'hottie'.

alex alaska p


#18 | Sat, Jun 25 2011, 6:09 pm, GMT  | Jenny  | Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
The site is BRILLIANT !!! I've been a Lush fan since 1990 and they are still my favourite band over 20 years later, I'm listening to spooky as I type this. Wish they would get back together just once more. Wonder if Miki still has red hair ?!


#17 | Thu, Jun 16 2011, 8:09 am, GMT  | Chauncey  | Location United States United States
Thank you for putting together this AMAZING site! There are so many photos, interview transcripts, detailed discographies and more, it's really enough to blow me away! It's good to know that there are others out there that love Lush as much as I do.

One of the things I love most about Lush is that you can see a growth and maturity in the music, lyrics and the people. Yet, at the same time, you can tell that the personalities and spirits of each of the above never change completely...whether it's a resistance to change, or an homage to the past, or what, I don't know, but I find it fascinating. Having such a deep website like lightfromadeadstar.org really helps me to appreciate the whole history of the band even more.

Thank you so much for creating this website! VOTE LUSH FOR PRESIDENT


#16 | Fri, May 27 2011, 1:06 pm, GMT  | DeeGow
Lush has been coming up on my random playlists lately and it's been taking me back. Miss them, love them, such a sad ending to such an under-rated band.
Thanks for the great website!


#15 | Wed, Apr 20 2011, 5:21 am, GMT  | Jennifer   | Location United States United States
This is such a fantastic site, mucho thanks for keeping it going!! LUSH takes me back to a different time, yet the sound is timeless...
Much love to all...


#14 | Thu, Mar 31 2011, 9:32 pm, GMT  | Rosiel  | Location United States United States
OMG!!!!!! How did you even know how to contact Miki!!


#13 | Thu, Mar 10 2011, 9:12 pm, GMT  | Jim   | Location United States United States
Got to find out about Lush just in the last couple of years by way of checking out trance music, which led me to shoe gazing, which led me to LUSH. What a find! Started with Lovelife, and worked backwards to Spooky and Gala, then Desire Lines and Caio. Then started looking for other lesser know songs.....found Half and Half. I LOVE their music, but Half and Half is my absolute favorite and found out it was never on any record. So I wrote Miki an email and asked her for the history and why it was never on an album.....She very graciously answered within hours, that 4AD had to sell their EPs for more than the major labels, thus requiring more music on them to make it worth it to the listeners. She said they were always having to add demos, and other songs they would liked to have worked on longer. In looking at the set lists I never saw Half and Half on any of them so I have to wonder if they ever even got a chance to perform it live. Too bad for the world, since it is an awesome break-up song.....Cool thing she said was that the breakup up she was writing about was a little his and a little her fault (half and half), then she laughed and said "geddit?" Such a pleasure to hear from her, she is so nice, and to have some connection to such a terrific band, however belatedly. I just love the "melancholy, introspective" nature of so much of their music! They deserved more fame and success, no doubt about it! Anyway, just had to say hi, tell you what a great website, and oh by the way, Miki said in her email to check out your website, so consider this being checked...How cool is that! Regards, Jim from Houston, Texas, USA


#12 | Fri, Mar 4 2011, 7:33 pm, GMT  | Joe  | Location United States United States
I first heard sweetness and light on a local college station in the late 1980's. Spooky came out a short time later and then I didn't hear anymore about the band. Some years later I heard sweetness and light in a TV commercial. I did a computer search and learned the history of Lush. I have since purchased the cd's Split, Lovelife and Ciao, best of Lush. I also enjoy listening, watching Lush video's on YouTube. A truly gifted and totally underrated band! Miki's singing voice is heaven sent! I down loaded the app ringdriod on my cell phone and set sweetness and light as my ringtone.


#11 | Fri, Mar 4 2011, 12:20 pm, GMT  | Tarleton  
Oh Miki, I fancied you so much in 1996; you're really hot with that cherry red bob! I liked the Ladykiller record best as it seemed quite dynamic. Good video too, set in a nightclub if I remember correctly. For Love was good too.

Oh, Miki, what a pity you don't understand. You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand! ;-)


#10 | Thu, Mar 3 2011, 9:00 pm, GMT  | Dan Maloney   | Location United States United States
Great website! I hope they reform and do a tribute tour for Chris.


#9 | Sat, Feb 26 2011, 2:03 am, GMT  | Rosiel
I just listened to scarlet and I thought it was an awsome song. Hehe. And read the last post are u really serious?


#8 | Wed, Feb 23 2011, 10:16 am, GMT  | Brian McDonald    | Location Australia Australia
EMMA ANDERSON and MIKI BERENYI of LUSH have kindly agreed to be special guests for the 'Formative 5' segment to air on 'The Golden Age of Piracy' (RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne) in MARCH! We'll keep you posted on the air-date for this once it's in the can... but keep checking at www.facebook.com/rishpublicity for further future details!


#7 | Tue, Feb 15 2011, 3:22 am, GMT  | Ford  | Location Australia Australia
Guestbook v.2? :)
I've been listening a lot lately to Lovelife, an album I (& many others) overlooked and dismissed when it first came out. I've identified the track order as significant weakness of the album, and have created an alternative track order which people who have dismissed this album might care to try.

My thinking:
Olympia is obviously a great last track; I've Been Here Before would be an obvious bookend, having the same extra instruments (plus fitting title), but it's just not strong enough to open. Heavenly Nobodies was a problem track that turned out to be an ideal opener, its ironic comment on fame a prelude to the "lovelife" subjects of the album.

Ciao remains the best opener for "Side 2". Last Night & Tralala have been separated to break up the two slowest, longest tracks (their being in the same key didn't help), Putting Childcatcher in between helps disguise its low mastering. Tralala is ideal lead-in to Olympia, whose intro even sounds like a continuation.

Other tracks were ordered based on whether they felt like Side 1 or Side 2 songs (as it turns out, Side 1 is more objective, while Side 2 is more about relationships), and weaker tracks were surrounded by stronger songs.

Heavenly Nobodies
I've Been Here Before
500 (Shake, Baby, Shake)

Single Girl
Last Night
The Childcatcher

If you're one of those who dismissed Lovelife, please give this alternative mix a listen!


#6 | Sun, Feb 13 2011, 8:28 pm, GMT  | David  | Location New Zealand New Zealand
It's hard to believe that I began listening to Lush 20 years ago. Living in New Zealand now, I'll listen to them when I want to be reminded of when I actually enjoyed living in the US. Those days in college and then Graduate School. Good stuff. THANK YOU LUSH!


#5 | Tue, Feb 8 2011, 5:37 am, GMT  | Tom Mendham    | Location United States United States
For whatever reason I started listening to my Lush albums again this week. I first heard them on the '92 Lollapalooza tour on some ridiculous ski slope in northeastern Pennsylvania. I went to the concert to see RHCP and Ministry and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden (what a freaking lineup!), but Lush took my breath away. Specifically "Superblast!" Because of who was at the show (my now ex-wife when she was my girlfriend, my best friend, etc) and how much Lush's performance hit me, I became a fan forever.

I may be listening to all kinds of stuff today, but I still have a soft spot for this band, and I'll always be ready to share their music with anyone. Some quick wikipedia searching eventually got me here. Also... thanks to whoever set this up. It's a really nice tribute to the band!


#4 | Wed, Jan 12 2011, 10:02 pm, GMT  | Rosiel Mendez  | Location United States United States
Well I first heard lush in Rock Band 2 and I thought they were awsome!!! For a year I've been going to YouTube to search and hear thier songs. When I realized they been broken up I was so sad. I really love Miki's and Emma's voice and their so beatiful. I hope Miki changes her mind and sing more songs in the future!!!!


#3 | Mon, Dec 27 2010, 3:55 pm, GMT  | augusto  | Location Spain Spain
they were crucial in my life, we miss Lush a lot. nothing compares to them

best wishes to everyone!


#2 | Wed, Dec 22 2010, 12:25 am, GMT  | Andrť Coutinho   | Location Brazil Brazil
Lushīs songs are part of my life because they remind me of my College times and how cool it was to listen to britpop in Brazil. Sadly just a few people know them here.
Miki is fantastic and her attittude towards music is very authentic!!!
One of the best bands of 90īs


#1 | Sun, Dec 19 2010, 1:39 am, GMT  | Webmaster   | Location United States United States
Welcome to my brand new guestbook. Be the first to sign it!

Please scroll down to see the archived messages from the old guestbook, which I had to abandon due to technical issues.

Bill S.

  ^ Start of the new (paid) Guestbook ^

All 97 entries from the (free) original Guestbook,
January 2008 Website launch - December 2010:
97. Carlos - 2010-12-10 21:53:21
Uh man, its really nice to find places like this one, Find info about Lush is hard, then you found this site with A LOT, i mean a lot of good material.

I like that, since sometimes we want to go deep about what we like, and if Lush is the thing, theres almost nothing online, but thank God this exist.

Iím really surprised that members of Lush have relations with you, is something unbelievable!.

I live in the Caribbean Seas (Dominican Republic) and here, is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE, or almost...to find something of Lush (CDs, people who like them etc..), this country is very very Jealous of what they made in music, and people doesnít have that Cultural interest on music, i mean about music like Shoegazing and some genres of Rock, its like a Desert, i just have "some" friends who hear Shoegazing.

Well i hope you keep this site up, and if you can, upload the interview with Phil!.


Carlos Sencion.
96. Cherry Lane - 2010-11-17 21:24:33
Love, love, love Lush. Miss you!
95. Joseph Seymour - 2010-11-13 15:11:20
Great website, thanks so much--a fitting tribute to a superb band who gave us some of the most beautiful pop music ever made. Today is the 20th anniversary of the U.S. release of GALA, an event for which I continue to be grateful.
94. eyeresist - 2010-11-10 22:13:43
I recently - finally - picked up CD versions of Gala and Spooky (had Spooky and EPs vinyl, but no turntable access). Only now do I realise how important this band was to me back in the early 1990s, both musically and emotionally (kicking myself for not seeing them on their one Australian tour). And the funny thing is, their music holds up so much better than most of the other music I liked at the time. I think Spooky is brilliant, a perfect record of songwriting often approaching genius levels, but overlooked due to its individuality and nonconformity. I am currently trawling the internets to gather up their whole discography on CD. Thank you, Miki and Emma, for this wonderful gift, and please consider a reunion!
93. Ronan Mahon - 2010-11-05 18:39:13
Great Band,introduced to them by my Brother in 1990.Miki is the best looking lady ever

They have to come back for a reunion!!!its about time

92. Stephen Sachs - 2010-10-24 17:59:24
God I miss them
91. Viktor - 2010-09-02 19:14:15
This is one really great site. The more I get to know about Lush -- Miki, mainly -- the more I cherish them and their music. Itís a shame I was born so late and missed all the fun of that era.

By the way, Iím looking forward to the continuation of Mikiís reminiscences.
90. timmit - 2010-08-24 17:30:00
Didnít listen to lush in a while.
Really was in love with the singing + atmosphere on Spooky.
Funny tour stories from lolapoloza tour.
89. Shockah - 2010-07-30 00:07:52
Thanks so much for keeping this site going, I have been a Lush fan since 1991 my first year in college and have such great memories of listening to them and living in the 1990s. White T Shirt, Black Docs, and a pair of baggy Girbauds with Lush in the CD player! Life was great! (And still is!) Thank you!
88. GaryM - 2010-07-29 14:39:01
Iíve put together an 80ís indie/alternative music appreciation site, Lush are included as they formed in the 80ís. Check it out under my homepage.
87. Dave Wright - 2010-07-11 17:57:35
Iíve been a fan since Gala was released. I still listen to all of my Lush CDís frequently. Absolutely a great band!
86. Jesse K. - 2010-06-05 01:09:37
When Lush was at the height of their career I was learning addition and subtraction, and what an ecosystem was. In fact I wouldnít discover this band until nearly 13 years after they disbanded. I was up and about at around 2 am one night, and having just discovered another amazing band, Curve, on youtube I was recommended De-Luxe by Lush. From the moment I watched that video I fell in love with this band more then any before it. My only regret is that I wasnít born about a decade sooner then I was so I might have been able to be swept up in the greatness that is Lush while they were still recording and touring. I tell my girlfriend all the time that I would seriously spend any amount of money and go anywhere in the world to see Lush live, and that will always remain true. Their music is like an extension of who I am, reflecting the deepest parts of my being. That may sound very over the top (which it sort of is) but I seriously canít put into words how much I have fallen in love with this incredible band. Thank you Lush, and thank you lightfromadeadstar.com for keeping the memory of our favorite band alive ;)
85. Dean - 2010-06-01 15:39:47
Discovered Lush around the time of Sweetness & Light. Fell in love with Miki instantly when i saw her sing the í..look the other way...í part in the video. I was a Lush fan from that moment on and songs such as Hypocrite, Kiss chase and the glorious Ciao appear on my stereo on a weekly basis. Never got to see them live or propose marriage to Miki but hey, the music lives on! RIP Mr Ackland, Much love to Miki, Emma & Phil xxx
84. Mick - 2010-05-06 15:53:12
Isnít life a blast. I genuinely feel privileged to own this..
83. Mick - 2010-04-08 21:50:54
I have a Lush story actually!

Many years ago, I think in 1987 I was in the (I think) the Sir George Robey and sat with my friends having a beer, waiting to go next door for some gig.

Back then I used to carry loads of crap in my pockets..tape recorder, tabs, money, spare tapes, and while I was out at these kind of gigs I would always end up carrying around loads more fanzines and records I would pick up during the night. On this particular night..I had just got fed up with being so bogged down..so I wanted a night without lugging around sodding tape recorders or being pressured to buy all this stuff, that I really wasnít that arsed about.

So anyway...who comes up to our table..but Emma selling her now legendary fanzine íAlphabet Soupí. Emma goes íItís crap but itís only 5pí. We were quite taken a back by this! íItís crap?!í and in response íYeahí..So this thrilling conversation went on for a while. I was resolute not to buy anything that night..especially a fanzine whoís very editor described it as being ícrapí and there was also alot of sales pressure from Emma as well.

Anway about 2 minutes later someone else came upto me and said íI hear you want to buy a fanzine?í..which was Miki. Which was confusing at first, because I thought it was only Emma selling the fanzine..so this was like a double act. So I had this long íargumentí with Miki, why I didnít want to buy íAlphabet Soupí. In the end...I sort of won. Miki looked really dejected and I felt really crap, because they were being so alright and just trying to sell their fanzine, which I would always of bought any other night and it was also the cheapest I had ever come across, plus they were just doing it for the love of it.

..so looking abit guilty..Emma went íGo oní..so I did! All 5p.

..later on when I was pissed and going home on the tube..I reached into my pocket and thought..íwhat the heck is this?í. So I read the fanazine. Alas though at the time where I was staying was a very íright oní vegan flat and publications using words like ícuntí or ítwatí many times..was very much frowned upon. Which is totally ridiculous when you consider who wrote it in the first place. So I ditched it before I got home.

Iíve never seen anything on the net anywhere about this fanzine..but to this day is still very much talked about. I wish now of course I had kept my copy..
82. Matthew Sherman - 2010-04-01 14:03:26
Just realized I never made an entry here! Lushís music has meant SO much to me over the years and has delivered me through some tough times. Their jangly, upbeat melodies and exquisite vocal harmonies have touched my heart in ways few other bands have. Since I started collecting music back in the mid-80ís, Lush CDís and mp3ís have consistently been on the short list of bands whose music I keep at arms length or loaded into digital media players. I simply cannot imagine not having their music in my life, and am profoundly grateful for their unique contribution.

Thank you Bill for providing and maintaining this precious resource!
81. Chris J. - 2010-03-09 23:16:18
Still, after all these years my fav band. And now a daddy, my girls love listening to Lush as well... do you know how much youíre all missed?
Forever on my playlists, much thanks for the memories, songs & moments.
80. Billy - Philadelphia, PA - 2010-02-26 00:19:39
LUSH was absolutely amazing for itís time. As a huge fan of many 4AD artists of the time, I felt Lush really commanded a great original sound, like the Cocteau Twins. But I miss them terribly. The music is powerful and so much fun still today. I canít think of a better dream come true than to have Lush reunite for a tour. Surely they donít know how sorely they are missed. If so, theyíd be polishing off the ole guitars and having a go at it.

Long live Lush and itís members.
79. Jade Webster - 2010-02-09 18:24:38
Inspiring drummer. Inspiring band.
78. MAD - 2010-02-03 12:38:42
Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for taking the time and care to put this all together.
77. Craig Kiwi - 2010-01-22 16:53:43
This is such a magnificent website. Thank you so much. I was lucky enough to see Lush twice in Tokyo when I lived there during the Split and Lovelife tours. They played at the Liquid Room (original location before it moved to much bigger premises) which was live club on the 9th floor of a seedy building and the floors heaved when everybody danced. I remember Miki annoucing that her grandmother from Akita (way up in northern Japan) was there for the Split show. I wonder what she thought of the gig! I bought a tee shirt at this gig and often get asked "Whoís Lush?" Their loss for not knowing this truly stunning band. Miss them heaps, but am now collecting all their vinyl to complement the CDs. Again, thanks for this great site! Cheers
76. Zachary Unknown - 2010-01-20 18:30:52
Excellent Site!!! I love these videos and fantastic pictures!! I think that this site is the best Lush site ever!!!
75. Muppet Rocks AH - 2010-01-06 05:48:49
Saw Lush at Berlin Club in Perth, Aust. Dec 1992, so cool you can reference the gig on the site. I know a lot of bands have followed, had chart success, but very few can lay claim to having music that is LUSH - durable, fresh and could have been made anytime after 1982, yet still current! Lush will always be in my top 5 fav bands. Prersonal favs De-luxe, whole of Spooky, Breeze and Last night. Oh yeah I have seen 1000ís of bands and yet no drummer has ever match Chris Acland, the best & unique drummer EVER, and I was saying this before the tragic time in his life!

Are the lyrics in Lush "grass in my thighs" correct!! HA HA

Oh Emma was top shelf in her day! Always thought she was better tha Miki in the looks dept, bit like Marianne to Ginger in Gilligans Island.

Fab site!
74. Jacob - 2009-12-17 02:53:20
I canít begin to express how excited I am to have discovered this tremendous website tonight. Although I have occasionally come upon a few loosely-assembled LUSH pages from time to time, I never thought I would have the opportunity to access such high quality photographs and clippings of this band. Thank you so much for designing this thoughtful and thorough page, which is a wonderful tribute to a great group. Listening to "Spooky" and making a new background for my computer, I couldnít be more pleased. Many many thanks!
73. Peter - 2009-12-16 06:29:40
I remember seeing Lush in Sydney at the Marquee club in December 92. They came on very late - about 12;30 am, but I still remember it as one of the best gigs Iíve been to.
Miki & Emmaís harmonies were simply stunning - what an awesome band. I wonder what Emma is up to these days...
72. goran - 2009-12-15 22:13:49
this website is simly amazing. thank you so much for doing it!! x
71. Rob - 2009-11-21 22:59:18
I remember going with some mates to the "stagedoor" in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Miki bless her couldnít remember the length of intro so asked the crowd to help out, where we all piped up "dooo-do-do--dooo-do-do..." along to "Last night" ;o) we miss your music, honey both you and Emma wrote some amazing stuff. When i was younger your music bought me out of the depression that i slipped into. All the happy bouncy stuff i love you for... Iíll always have a space for Lush in my heart and a bigger one in my memories for you Miki, Love You ;o) X x X
(ps facebook me lol x)
70. strani - 2009-11-17 06:23:49
i miss them soo much!
best band ever!!!
69. Moz - 2009-09-22 08:44:49
I did an interview with Phil & Emma at the Astoria on the day Split was launched. They were really lovely, and I had a complete blast. Itís on a cassette tape somewhere in my house, and when I find it Iíll copy it off and send it to you. Great website - so many memories. If itís actually possible to be in love with a band, I was in love with Lush.
68. Mick - 2009-09-20 09:53:39
Címon you lazy bastard..get this Phil interview out.

Only joking obviously..but the people want to hear it.
67. Matt M - 2009-08-19 19:26:04
I saw Lush in 1996 at St. Andrewís Hall in Detroit, MI. I was so enamored of them and just absolutely loved, and I still do LOVE, their music. A girlfriend and I went and just before their set, as you walk from the foyer/lobby to the concert hall, stood a tiny 5í 1" red head with these gorgeous cat-eyes. It was Miki! I was so stunned, standing less than three feet away from her, our eyes met and she walked in to watch the opening band. My girlfriend saw it all happen and asked why I didnít say something...to this day, I have no idea. I guess Iím just not ballsy enough or Iím not a douche-bag sort that comes up to celebrities with the, "Big fan big fan" line. I dunno. But hey, what a great show!!! I miss them, God bless you, Chris!
66. brian davies - 2009-08-04 14:23:12
Lush were one of the best live bands of the late 1980s and most of the 1990s. I kinda lost touch with their music when the band broke up. And yet, last month (for no apparent reason)I dug-up my old vinyl collection and CDs and reminded myself what a great band they were. Sadly missed but they shouldnít get back together again. No way! Today, Iíve ordered a Sing-Sing album from Amazon, trying to keep the spirit alive. Thanks for taking the time to maintain this page; it is one i shall return to time-and-tine again. Itís a good and worthy site. Kind regards, Brian, St Helens, Lancashire.
65. 90ís child - 2009-08-04 08:42:32
Great! I wasnít the only one to fancy the pants off Miki Berenyi! What a sexy fox!
64. Scott - 2009-07-12 07:56:17
Lush was one of the most underrated bands of the 90s. I really miss their sound.
63. An - 2009-06-27 09:12:44
lovely, thanks for keeping up this website after so many years

62. Tom - 2009-06-24 23:05:20
God, how I miss this band. The site is great!

Thomas Friedrich
Washington, DC
61. Chris - 2009-06-23 22:22:09
Terrific website! Thanks for all of your hard work.
60. michel - 2009-06-21 14:12:41
what a lushly website
thank for this wonderfull work !
59. Stew - 2009-06-14 17:52:03
Always loved íGalaí. Saw them in a haze at Lalapalooza way back when. If they ever regroup and need a bassist, Iím available! ha

Stew OíDell
Los Angeles
58. saori - 2009-06-12 14:22:23
I love this website.Thank you.Iív been waiting for Miki and Emaís new song!Them songwritings are so special.
57. Scott - 2009-06-10 13:30:35
Wow - this page is a terrific find. Thanks for maintaining this. Lush was a band I truly adored when I was in college, and to this day their music remains as fresh and relevant as it was all those years ago. My best to them and to the webmaster!
56. Chris B - 2009-06-07 00:28:06
Met Miki and the band backstage in 1991 in Cleveland. What a crush I had on Miki ! Hey Hey Heaven...
55. Doug - 2009-04-19 22:20:07
Thanks for the re-memories.
54. joe in Dallas - 2009-04-05 22:00:13
Nice web site, I got the Gala cd in 90 and seen them in 92 and 96. Now Iím old and lush still sound great. Bless them.
53. Pierre - 2009-03-21 23:52:42
Iíve spend this night on surfing on this website and promise to come back and send a lot of things to the webmaster for everyone.
The thing that touched me the most was the photo of Chris in his bedroom in France. I was really, really sad.
I thank a lot Phil King of this kindness for gave us such beautiful and rare photos of them and hope Emma, Miki and Chrisí family will follow him to help making this website a unique and original platform of a story of a band and their fans.

I remember you tonigth Chris.
Love xxx
52. Lawrence - 2009-03-07 19:33:25
What a great website. Still remember Lush fondly as a quality band. The gigography is a great resource and allows me to firmly class myself as OLD. I still remember having my ears battered by the classic lush wall of sound at the University of Essex Gig where Lush supported the House of Love.
You will not be forgotten.
51. Jens from Hamburg - 2009-02-28 08:02:31
I sometimes wondered about the name "Berenyi" until I had the chance to join a naturalists journey through croatiaīs backlands in 2004. We reached a green and slight hilly countryside named the "Baranya"...Uhu, sounds similiar. It is close to- and reaching to the other side of the Hungarian border, so as I know now, I wasnīt quite wrong! The translation of "Baranya" is, as far as I know "land of sheep". Nice, isnīt it? Jens (why am I so alone in this guestbook..??)
50. Jens from Hamburg - 2009-02-22 06:52:14
To Cord,
thank you for your hint, yeah 1992 it was Grosse Freiheit, after looking through all the photos of the site (there are photos of 1994 at Markthalle). I remember Miki wearing a black dress (she somehow walked through the audience like a simple but very beautiful girl with her guitar, and then entered the stage)not a silver dress. Oh, of course I love the whole of the band and the music, but this is what you remember... I think "Grosstadtrevier" is quite a nice TV series altough quite naive, but the setting is St.Pauli Reeperbahn where most of the bands play and if your girlfriend likes it she surely is a nice girl. Good luck and if there should be a small, small probability they might one day play again in Hamburg, we can meet if you want- we are fellow lush fans! Jens
49. BIN - 2009-02-11 02:07:38
Very cool website! must for all Lush fans.
48. ben kindberg - 2009-01-22 17:43:50
This is a great site! Iíve been in love with Miki for about 18 years now. And the music is the prettiest Iíve ever heard.
47. cord - 2009-01-14 16:23:31
To Jens; Must have been 1992, they played the Markthalle in í94 and I saw Curve the same month at the Gro√üe Freiheit in 1992 and IIRC they still had the Lush Tour Posters up (had to go to Cologne to see Lush that year for various reasons).

Incidently, I saw an old episode of "Großtadtrevier" some time ago (my Girlfriend likes it ) which had some scenes shot in front of the Große Freiheit... and right there was the Lush Tour Poster

46. Eric, Netherlands - 2008-12-06 07:49:08
Light from a dead star
(Lush - Split)
45. Eric, Netherlands - 2008-12-06 07:31:58
My favorite band, never surpassed. I would like to see them live, never had that opportunity but I would take it this time if they play live again anywhere in Europe.
44. Jens Reinke - 2008-12-06 07:27:32
Believe me, i was close to tears, when I got my own PC finally few weeks ago and asking google for "Miki berenyi lush" finding this charming website with the lot of beautiful photos!!
I watched&loved the Lush gig here in Hamburg/Germany at "GroŖe Freiheit" (the hall was quite fulfilled), must have been 1992 (?). Until that everyone was talking about Punk/Wave, later everyone was techno dancing but this was somewhere between it!! I wondered what happened for a long, long time , as the band seemed to have disappeared. So thank you so very very much for this page, I will stay connected feels like coming home!!!
Jens, from Hamburg
43. Bret, Atlanta - 2008-11-29 02:56:25
This is -the- band of the 90ís. Thanks for this site. Gets me Closer again.
42. michael molina - 2008-10-31 18:48:32
i read all the whole page and iíve found that lush is a very interesting band for me, my ex-girlfriend that is from england but she lived in colombia with me, she brought me some albums that included 2 lush albums; gala and split and when iíve started listening to those albums i was impressed because iíve never listened 2 angels like miki and emma singing beautiful and the guitars remembers me my schooldays and iím still have those 2 albums hidden anywhere in my house offcourse i have copies from that albums and i put them loud everyday when iím traveling long miles away...thanks a lot for the webpage....
41. KD - 2008-10-09 05:00:00
Gorgeous website. Well done and thanks for putting all this stuff together. Sometimes wish it was í95 again!
40. Steve Mitchell - 2008-09-10 19:15:42
I only wish I could become friends with them simply because they seems fun, interesting and not full of themselves. Ití always been some of the best music I will ever hear in my life. Always tucked away in my soul.
39. eddy - 2008-09-10 03:28:00
I saw them in Seattle touring with Lala.
Great live band.
Nice site. Keep it up!

Cheers to you from Seattle!!!!!
38. staash - 2008-09-05 00:10:27

I saw Lush at a Lollapalooza show in Phoenix, AZ way back in the early í90ís and they were tremendous.
37. dani - 2008-08-08 13:48:11
congratulations for your work!
Lush forever!!

From Barcelona;
36. Bailey - 2008-07-01 13:24:12
"Monochrome" is my favorite Lush song...it never fails to bring me hope and happiness.

This site is absolutely amazing and carries on the spirit of Lush. Thanks for the beautiful photographs, interviews, and especially thanks for creating the site altogether.

I would have definitely gone to see Lush in Honolulu since I live in Hawaii, but I was maybe five or six at the time. I wish I had been more aware of their uplifting and jubilant music. Miki and Emma are my heroes and legendary music icons. Cheers!
35. Mischa - 2008-06-29 18:51:58
Wow! Finally a great Lush website. Iíve been a fan since 1990 and was lucky enough to see them live in Portland in 1996. Will link to you from my site. Thanks! Miki interview soon?
34. Keith - 2008-06-16 19:25:31
Great site, fairly up to date! Never got to see them either, have all their CDs plus those of Sing-Sing as well, the music will always live on!
33. dakidz - 2008-06-04 14:25:54
great site man!! iím saddened by the fact that i found out about them after they had disbanded, to think that i will never be able to attend their concerts because they are now gone forever Anyway, as iím typing down this message, i canít stop listening to nothing natural. Could anyone upload a live video of nothing natural on youtube? that would be extremely neat
32. Dave - 2008-05-30 13:45:44
Great memories of a fantastic band, well done! First saw them at Pelican Club in Aberdeen and have had a crush on Emma ever since, luckily my mate fancied Miki! More than that though their music was wonderful and De-Luxe is still the most listened to track on my IPOD.
31. Martijn - 2008-05-22 02:57:28
Wow, thank you so much for this site! Iíve been totally falling for Lushís music all over again during the past week, and this siteís provided all I needed to complement the sounds. Reading articles Iíd read (and cut out) ages ago (and lost in the past decade), seeing pictures of the one gig I attended... wow! And those handwritten lyrics!
I hope 4AD do get around to those remasters.
30. GRHM - 2008-05-21 07:35:54
Great site! Saw lush 13 times between 1990 and 1996 and have many great memories from that time. (will share some soon) Will be returning here many times in the future. Thanks!!
29. Jen G - 2008-05-09 16:05:46
Thanks for creating this wonderful site.
28. Mark Marquez - 2008-05-07 17:30:32
they where one of my favorite bands , still love them today
any how really great site , always had a crush on Emma ,lol
27. Kenneth Tony Delusions - 2008-05-05 03:09:48
Iíve spent years trying to find everything I could about Lush, I spent alot of my teenage years listening to them in spite of my metalhead companions.
This is the best source ever! It hard to beleive Miki even offered you information! How in the world did you get hold of her!?
26. Christian - 2008-04-23 18:47:39
Great site. Do you have some Lush sheet music or tabs?
25. Yu-Lun - 2008-04-03 02:16:13
This Lush site is the beeís knees. íCanít wait for more updates...love the pictures and memorabilia! Iíll make sure to check up for updates, perhaps some guitar tabs would even be nice. ;)
24. LYLE - 2008-03-26 12:53:30
23. James - 2008-03-26 03:14:13
Amazing site and a true labour of love. Thank you for your incredible efforts, a fan of the band for its entire existence this is the closest things to a definitive resource for a truly deserving band.
22. Hermy - 2008-03-24 22:38:15
this site is excellent~ and im glad to be one of the Split-voters ;D

ive always had this question unanswered and i think maybe i can get it here; since Emma does the "backing vocals", id like to know exactly which lines she sang to, coz i think most of time its still Miki who does it. this question has troubled me for a long time so iíll really appreciate it if anyone can answer me. thx!
21. Goroart - 2008-03-18 12:48:34
Happy birthday my dear Miki-san.Always wishing your happiness and health.LOVE
20. Scott - 2008-03-05 17:55:51
Great Site M8 i love lush i was at one of their last shows at the Glasshouse in pomona ca, thanks for the site keep up the good work..
19. iryys - 2008-02-22 08:53:24
Lush is my favourite band and this is best site about ;)
18. Jonah - 2008-02-16 20:34:08
I love Lush & I love this site
17. Warren Bardsley - 2008-02-08 09:31:21
As said on the Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix) - Love it...love it....etc....
16. Matt - 2008-02-07 11:57:39
Great site! Iíve been waiting for something like this to show up online for years. "Light from a Dead Star" is the perfect name for this site (itís the same thing I used for my personal greatest hits/mix CD for the band).

I donít know what it is about this band, but theyíve stuck with me after all of these years. I only saw them once (Lollapalooza in Detroit in 1992), and wish Iíd caught them a few more times.

Along with the Replacements, Lush gets my vote as "Best Band Who Never Got the Recognition They Deserved." Itís nice to see others treasure them as I do.

Matt (ex-Detroit, current-Bangkok)
15. Jen - 2008-01-29 14:17:09
Hi Bill - Thank you for your awesome site on Lush - and for your dedication in putting this site together, with sooo much info, for all us Lush fans. ;D

14. Orrimarrko - 2008-01-29 12:03:58
Outstanding site Bill!

This is definitely one of the better resources on the net.
13. Dennisvn - 2008-01-28 16:06:35
What a great site you created for a great band.
So complete, unbelievable.

Cheers from Holland.
12. Conrad - 2008-01-27 11:25:48
Thanks for the great (can you get better) site. And thank you for the thanks to my site.
11. Julien - 2008-01-27 09:36:59
Hello !
Thanks for building up one of my fave sites ever !
Thereís everything and more there... Great !
10. Andy Von Pip - 2008-01-24 18:40:49
Everything under one roof. Excellent site
9. James - 2008-01-24 16:15:40
Excellent site! You have done the world a great service!
Please announce photo updates on PVSG!
Good fortune!
8. Me - 2008-01-23 17:35:37
I was sceptical to say the least when I first read about all this for various reasons.

But no! Youíve done yourself proud here mate. An excellent job and a very good dedication to a totally exceptional band.
7. jb - 2008-01-23 11:33:25
thank you! this is a great resource. i love the logos at the top.
6. john s rock - 2008-01-23 07:50:05
good job on the site.ive been a lush fan for a long time its nice to see im not the only fanatical fan.keep up the good work
5. Ty - 2008-01-22 20:48:12
What a fabulous job youíve done here. You should be proud!
4. mic - 2008-01-22 16:30:01
Great !
3. Chris S - 2008-01-22 15:46:45
You scored! All this Lush stuff---you must be in hog-heaven. They truly were the savants of the "dream pop" or "shoegaze" era 1989-1996. Not a day goes by when I donít look at my Split record flats or Split green and orange Lush sticker that I scored during that 1994 US tour and wonderlust over the whole event and time-period. It was the ghost of the times, huh, wasnít it!? Good luck on collecting more memorabilia---always glad that I could help. They are my favorite pop band forever!
2. Martin Flaherty - 2008-01-22 13:11:02
 1. Bill S. - 2007-12-29 13:32:53
Hello and welcome to my Lush website. I look forward to your comments. Remember that you can also contact me privately on my Contact page (see link at the top). Have a great day!




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