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I owe a huge Thank You to the following people for their major contributions to this website and for their encouragement and support. There are many others who have also made contributions and I have tried to thank them throughout the site. 

In mostly chronological order (oldest first, newest last, and I'm sure I've left many people out):

Jason D in Virginia, who shared his entire audio and video collection with me, something that would have taken me years to build from scratch. And if that weren't enough, Jason allowed me to scan his huge collection of Lush articles and clippings, which he assembled over the years, for inclusion on this website. And there's more, he also allowed me to include high-resolution scans of his many high-quality original Lush photos.

Neil I in Connecticut, who personally handed me his Lush Video Compilation DVDs. Neil's own website has been a key resource in creating this site, and is the only source for the Videography.

Jen G in England, who's Purple Veins Scenic Greens Lush group on Yahoo is an invaluable resource and wonderful community for all Lush fans. Many of the press articles on this site come from Jen's Yahoo group. Jen has also shared many Lush rarities with me, and over 100 photos.

Phil King in England, who has generously provided all sorts of Lush information, rare video footage, his personal laminates and many personal photos for inclusion on this website.

Jen D in New Jersey, who's Stratosphere Fanzine Music Zine on Yahoo Groups also includes a lot of Lush content and is highly recommended to all Lush fans. Jen also donated many clippings to the Press section of this site.

Chris S in California, who donated his collection of clippings and memorabilia to this website long before I started working on it.

Andy C in England, who's We Miss Miki Web Site demonstrates just how much Lush is missed.

Geraldine C in Australia, who's writings about Chris (her cousin) had a huge impact on me. She graciously allowed me to reprint them here. She did the last-ever interview of Chris and for that alone we owe her a debt or gratitude.

Brian M in Australia, of RiSH Records, who provided many additional show dates found nowhere else, photos, and lots of other information.

Jo B in England, of 4AD, who graciously allowed me to reprint the beautiful photos from her own website.

Miki Berenyi in England I am forever grateful to the lovely Miki for contributing her list of every gig Lush ever played, from her personal records, which has made it possible for me to create a definitive Lush gigography. AND for agreeing to recount her reminiscences of touring with Lush on my website. Her recollections are an essential part of Lush's history, and she will be contributing more of them in the future. AND for sending me lots of Lush memorabilia for inclusion on this website, AND for patiently answering my endless Lush questions.

Guy Marshal in England who wrote his recollections and scanned his memorabilia from the thirteen Lush shows we went to, for use on this website.

David Baker in England who generously allowed me to include his fantastic photobook Lush - The North London Poly Years on this website.

2015 Update: This page was last updated circa 2009, there are now many more people who deserve thanks!

September 6, 2017: On this date, I replaced the entire lyrics page with band-supplied and verified lyrics, obtained from a limited-edition lyrics book which was created, with the full support of the band, by a long-time fan.  Andrew does not want any attention (that's not why he created the book) and explicitly did not want to be mentioned on this site, but I cannot resist thanking him for allowing me to use the lyrics from his book.



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