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Guy Marshall's Lush Stories

Guy Marshall is a true fan of Lush who's been to THIRTEEN Lush shows (not counting the 2016 reunion), the most of anyone I know. This page features his reminiscences from those shows along with his collection of Lush memorabilia which includes 45 photos, 4 set lists, 7 flyers & ads, 6 tickets and lots more. I'm grateful to him for generously providing it all to this website.


1991 October 12 - London - New Cross Venue

This was the first proper Lush gig I went to, Steve was still in the band.

Set list was: Stray; Bitter; Breeze; Laura; God's Gift; Scarlet; Ocean; Nothing Natural; For Love; Covert; De-Luxe; Second Sight; Downer; Baby Talk; Monochrome; Sweetness & Light

I have a tape of this gig, brings back memories of how nervous(!) I was being on the edge of the mosh pit and that Lush was the band for me! Perfect set list. First time meeting Miki, Steve, Chris and Emma. Miki changed my friend's ticket to SLUSH.

Other memories: Stood next to Boris Williams - drummer with The Cure - during support band Shelleyann Orphan's set. He was "going out" with Caroline Crawley of the band. I was totally dumb struck for a while (luckily my friend plucked up the courage to say Hi!) then we had a quick chat and he signed a Lush flyer & my Boys Don't Cry T-Shirt which I happened to be wearing at the time. Also saw guitarist from Curve Debbie Smith. Probably other "Indie" stars I didn't recognise. Someone in the crowd had Tom and Jerry hand puppets(??) which Miki is heard asking about. I wish I'd gone to the Gallon Drunk and Stereolab supported show too.

Note spelling mistake in ad

Ticket (signed by full band)

Cassette inlay for recording of New Cross gig,
quality is good listened to this time and time again

1991 November 3 - Cambridge - The Junction

Cambridge Up The Junction Flyer - this was the advert for tickets to attend the filming for Up The Junction TV show, as you can see bands were filmed one night and comedians the next. When the show went out they cut it together to make out the comedians and bands were on at the same time in the two sections of the club.

YouTube video of Lush's portion of this TV broadcast

Up The Junction  
TV recording for £1!  

1992 February 5 - Cambridge - The Junction

All I remember about support band Spitfire was how they ended their set, they left the stage one at a time, singer then guitars, leaving the drummer to end on a solo. Ticket only just survived - it was in my back pocket totally saturated with sweat and I had to hang it out to dry!


Returned in 1996 (with same friend) for a strange deja-vue moment.


I didn't get to see Lush play in 1993 but I met Miki twice.

  1. June 13 - Finsbury Park Great Xpectations - The Cure, Carter USM, Sugar, Belly, Frank&Walters, Senseless Things, Catherine Wheel, Kingmaker, Family Cat, Blur

    Great outdoor gig, ace collection of bands. (Once again the day before Uni Exams!) After Blur played 'For Tomorrow' acoustically, I bumped into Miki and Emma just to the right of the stage, had a quick chat about Blur, bands, how they both were etc. They seemed very happy and said they were busy writing(?)
  2. September 13 - Cambridge Corn Exchange - The Smashing Pumpkins and Verve (before they had to include The)

    When I went to the bar between bands I met Miki on the way back from getting a drink. I was wearing my Spooky T-shirt (the one with multi logos). Miki made some comment about me having a great t-shirt/dodgy band, I responded with some witty comment (well I thought so) which made her smile, don't recall saying much else thought I'd let her get on rather than hassling her with questions.

1994 June 8 - Bath - The Hub

This was in another underground club (ie below ground level which all clubs in Bath have to be) just around the corner from Moles where they played a warm up show at the end of 1995. Much larger venue with higher ceilings and a proper stage and dance floor (which some bands had trouble filling as people hung back against railing surrounding it) Great gig lots of hot exhausted people by the end. I had some University exams the next day, so the ringing in my ears was my excuse for not doing so well! After years of saying how great Lush were, finally other people I knew latched onto this and got into them after this gig.

Some extra venue info: they had complaints about noise from the neighbours, it got re-vamped and renamed Hush! before eventually closing (not sure what has happened recently). I saw Catherine Wheel and The Fall play there as well as others.


Ticket (Miki signed)

 [Some nice photos
by an unknown photographer
can be seen here]

1994 August 26 - Reading Festival

Performance was delayed by technical difficulties, plus power went out during Lit Up which really pissed off Miki, but as a result there was a bit more emotion behind each song played. The ending of De-Luxe, Leaves Me Cold, Sweetness & Light was ace. This was in the tent which gave a better atmosphere (hot, dark etc) than outside on the Main Stage.


1995 November 16 - Bath - Moles

Miki apologised for playing badly, but she was being a bit hard on herself, they were a bit rusty (but it had been a long time since their last tour) Lots of new songs, raw compared to the following year. Demystification was a great end to the encore, after Sweetness & Light finished the main set.

The club Moles is good and bad - it is a very intimate underground venue, there is no raised stage so at the front you are stood right next to the band at their level, the drummer has a bit of a raw deal as the kit is set up in the back corner with a low arched ceiling. The ceiling above the "dance floor" is also very low, so high pogoing is out unless you are good at dodging the lighting etc! Having said that when I lived in Bath I saw many great gigs there (some bands just before they "hit the big time"), after Lush, Elastica and Babybird were probably the best. The Lush show had a very different feel to previous and later gigs, one of my favourites. This is where I first met M, who I will mention later.

The photos show the previously mentioned low ceiling and crowd at same level & close to band. Looks like I was very close to Jo Brooks (unavoidable in such a small venue). Apologies to her if I bumped into her during S&L!
[Jo's photos from this same show can be seen here]

The last photo is a not very flattering one of support - Solar Race, sounded quite good, she had a big voice, really like the planets and shuttle on her guitar. Captured some funny looks from Emma, I hope I didn't annoy her too much, and the one of Phil shows a typical expression from Chris.

This was the first time I'd heard the new songs, to be released on Lovelife.


1996 January 15 - Cardiff - Gassy Jacks

Went to this gig with M, great show, pretty poor venue - high stage not a proper dance floor, more a pub than a music venue. Met all the band later, M took the pictures.

It was just over a week before my 22nd birthday.

M took this pic, not sure why she took it at an angle? (not that I'm complaining, I was so chuffed that she suggested taking the shot and they were OK with it) Not the most flattering pic of Miki, we are both showing our dark roots!

Setlist signed by band


1996 January 17 - Bournemouth - Old Fire Station

Free show at a student club, this was probably the hotest most lively gig I went to, the combination of lots of students having to wait what seemed like ages for the band to turn up and the fact the band was late beacause they had recorded a slot for Top of The Pops! created a very special atmosphere. Everyone (including myself) had had more than the usual pre-gig drinks so the mosh pit was "wild" so there was quite a crush at the front. I remember the security had trouble keeping everyone back. After the gig I found the dressing room and "hung out" with Miki, Emma, Chris and Phil, probably didn't say much but heard all about the Top of the Pops experience and I made them happy by rescuing their crate of beer which someone tried to run off with!

Tried to get a few of Chris at the drums (#s 6 and 7) but without a zoom it was tricky, didn't quite have the cheek to jump on stage. Good to get a close up of Phil #4, picture #5 is my favourite of Miki and Emma + pedals and setlist (can't quite read it), picture #9 another good shot of Miki and shows the packed in crowd having a great time despite some drink being spilt. The "grey haired man" helping to hold the crowd back, I'm guessing he is the tour manager/head roadie(?) I saw him at every show (he appears in lots of my photos), I maybe said hello a few times but never had a proper chat or found out his name.

A big thank you must go out to Hannah F who drove the 65 miles to this gig and waited around far to long afterwards before driving 65 miles back in the fog.

1996 March 19 - Bristol - Bierkeller

Good venue not too large, not too small. I do remember starting to feel I bit old at this show (I was 22!) as there seemed to be lots of teenagers! Sat on a sofa with band afterwards, remember speaking to Phil mostly and being very happy just looking at Miki and Emma.

setlist signed by band   
 Ad picked up at venue, again it was
  lucky to survive being in my pocket.

1996 March 24 - Blackwood, Wales - Miners Institute

After chatting to Chris and the others at Gassy Jacks and Bierkeller, Chris had said he would put me and friends on the guest list for the Blackwood show in a few days. Being "poor students" at the time living in Bath, this meant I was able to persuade a friend to drive me and another friend to Wales (55 miles away, about 1.5 hours drive). When we got to the venue in plenty of time before the show, the door staff knew nothing about a list and me being on it! Luckily just at that moment I spotted a black MPV/bus, which I recognised from Cardiff, drive up. Out jumped Chris, Emma, Miki and Phil. Chris recognised me straight away and apologised for forgetting about me showing up for this gig. He was really cool and got us all in straight away.

This venue is an impressive old building with a good size stage and spacious dance floor with headroom! As with Bristol there were lots of kids who were new to the band. Again great gig, the set list as with other shows was a good balance from all the albums. After the gig we found the dressing room upstairs and hung out for a while. My friend Lucy got on well with Miki, and was really pleased to be able to thank the band for a great gig. I remember Miki showing me a letter which had arrived for "The Rock Band Lush" or something similar. It was from a Christian group and contained some "Cartoon booklets", basically saying that rock music was evil and that they were damned to hell!?! (that's how I remember it anyway) Phil was quiet and chilled out as usual, Chris looked exhausted, not surprisingly considering the energy he put into his drumming.

1996 March 31 - Cambridge - The Junction
As previously mentioned, was strange being back here 4 years after the last, Chris had said he'd put me on the guest list for this gig as this was my 3rd show in less than 2 weeks, however my name wasn't down and I couldn't get to see anyone to blag my way in, so I had to pay (didn't get to impress my friend with "knowing the band"). The tickets say seat #, however this was an all standing venue. It had been opened out and revamped (?) since my last visit, they 'd removed the partition between the bar area and the main 'hall' which I thought was a mistake it changed the atmosphere for the worse. I guess this gig was never going to live up to 91/92 perfect gigs, however was still great, with a young(!) energetic crowd.

1996 May 15 - Salt Lake City, Utah - DV8

M sent me a copy of the setlist from the show she went to back home in Salt Lake City. The reference to Chocolate by Chris was because she gave them a giant Dairy Milk bar of chocolate which she had brought back from England and Gassy Jacks by Phil was because they remembered her (and me) from the Cardiff gig. She said they were all really tired out from touring and missed home. They also played Ciao! with Scheer and Mojave 3 after the encore which was "rad".
Picture of the club taken by M, the band invited her to their next gig but she couldn't make it because of the distance. That was what was so cool about this country (UK) its possible to follow a band around quite easily from venue to venue.

1996 July 14 - Bristol - Ashton Court Festival

The last time I saw Lush play.

Background: I was living in Bath (final year Uni student) so it was a short drive over to Ashton Court. Glastonbury was not on this year, so we were looking out for other festivals to go to. Luckily I had spotted Lush were playing as this show was not advertised much.

Venue: Deer park and woods close by, good sized half dome stage - decorated with brightly coloured fish! Easy to get close to the stage with friendly security watching over. The event had a very family friendly/relaxed feel and NO mud!

Performance: Great performance in glorious sunny weather, whole band seemed very happy. Chris behind a lot of dry ice and Phil in black for a change! Miki was in a gorgeous sparkly green dress. The recent singles "went down well with the kids".

Post Show: Said Hi to Miki and Emma in the back stage enclosure, both signed programme. They recognised me ("..it's you again..") and I think Emma thought I was stalking her (not far from the truth as I had seen them 5 times in March). Saw Phil and Chris not far off, but didn't get to say Hello.....

Cheap film camera (this was the 90s), wish I'd had a zoom lens, Chris can at least be seen in some of these. Pic #4 is one of my favourites (its a shame only Emma's shadow is in shot and the head bottom left!) - Sun, shades, red hair, green dress, guitar, tights, DM boots all perfectly posed at the mic!


Other Souvenirs

Bath, England, my bedroom wall around 1996 - I think this is from just before I moved to Dorset, the reason I included this messy bedroom pic was because it shows the giant Spooky album cover (which sadly is no more). It was part of a record shop display (Andy's Records, Bedford RIP), I picked it up one lunch break when I was at school. You may be able to spot a few other Lush items (plus KOD, The Cure etc) including the "We love Lush" mail out cover.

Glastonbury 1992 Cassette inlay for recording of Glastonbury set, bought at a record fair for around £5 - its great that now recordings are freely shared b*stards aren't lining their pockets.


Bill: The signatures are very difficult to see in this low-res photo from Guy (click to enlarge), all I knew was the file name "hardrock.jpg" resulting in this exchange with Miki and Emma:

  • Bill: Do you recognize it? Do you know how it ended up there?

  • Emma: I don't recognise it!

  • Miki: Me neither!!!

  • Emma: Hmm.....

  • Miki: I actually have a very vague memory of something to do with Lush and the Hard Rock café... Didn’t we all sign a guitar once for the Hard Rock? And it was just a cheap shitty guitar... Maybe it was for that one and they lost the original and just replaced it with any old guitar!

  • Bill: I just dug up this 2008 email from Guy:

    • Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel August 1996 Signed Guitar Photo - I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas with M, we were chuffed to find this guitar signed in silver by all of Lush, it made us laugh that it was above the Simple Minds one!

  • Emma: So then it is one we signed - you can see it if you look closely. We would have signed it somewhere else though as we never went to Vegas.


Since Lush finished have only seen Phil once, playing bass for Jesus and Mary Chain in a tent at Glastonbury 1998.

(it took me a while to remember what these were when I found them)

Single Girl Stickers x 2 Calling the telephone number on these stickers you got to hear a snippet of forthcoming single and could leave details for the mailing list. Seemed quite advanced at the time! Didn't know mp3 downloads were a few years away!

Single Girl 1996 t-shirt - only worn a few times! had to wear this for 'Comic Relief' - wear red to work day, it was the only red top I had (!?) so got some strange looks that day (no change then). Thought about giving it to a girlfriend at the time, but decided against it.....

Split 1994 t-shirt - multi coloured on black! Thought the photos were funny, this was the year that I wasn't the only person around wearing a Lush t-shirt.

Spooky 1992 - well worn t-shirt, survived Reading Festival 93,94,95,96
and the mud at Glastonbury 95,97,98, plus many sweaty gigs 92-97.

Signed by the whole band, from Cambridge Junction gig 1992.







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