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Lush Memorabilia
Signed Items
The band members often took the time to write fun little comments along with their signatures. All items signed by all four band members unless otherwise indicated.
Gala LP
Beautifully signed with 4 different color pens
(thank you Jason D)
Framed Split
Subway Poster
(note the hilarious faces they drew on the lemons!)

Read the story behind it here.
(thank you Michael A.)

Framed Lovelife poster with signed:
Single Girl EP,
Gala Cassette,
Window Cling
Framed Lovelife Poster
(thank you Jason D)
Hypocrite EP
Autographed CD
Black Spring EP
Black Spring poster signed in gold pen
Budapest 94
Cover of Dec. 1993 fan club mailing
1996 glossy promo photo
Lovelife CD
Lovelife CD
(Thanks Lyle K!)

Lovelife CD
Lovelife CD
Lovelife poster
Lovelife logo shirt
Right close-up
Phil, Miki
Notice the hilarious comments, typical Lush.
Left close-up
Chris, Emma
The logo was hand-drawn by Chris S, who donated the actual shirt to this website. Thank you Chris!
Lovelife era publicity photo signed & framed
Lush as Livergirls
May 5, 1996 set list
Budapest 94
Scar Cassette
Scar CD
Set list from
The Abyss
Virginia Beach, VA
signed by 2
Set list from
Luna Park
Hollywood, CA
Spooky Dual 10 Inch
Single Girl vinyl
Split LP
Split poster
Split Subway Poster
signed by Chris
Spooky LP
signed by
Miki, Emma & Chris
Spooky CD
signed by
Miki, Emma, & Steve

Lovelife Promo Photo
Flyer from Detroit 1994

Black Spring EP


Post-Lush Signed Items

These items are very rare - as far as I know there is very little Lush memorabilia that was autographed post-Lush. (Until the 2016 reunion, of course!)


Thanks to Sam H. for these items:

Ticket signed by Miki on February 13, 1998 Ticket signed my Miki and Emma on July 29, 1998

Be sure to read the great stories behind these rare items here.
Many thanks to Sam H for recounting his meeting the band members, soon after they had formally announced the end of Lush.


Thanks to Eric S. for these items:

Photo autographed by Miki
in May 2008 (via mail)
The Joy of Sing-Sing CD signed by
Emma and Lisa

Thanks to Jason D.

Photo autographed by Miki
in June 2008 (via mail)


These 16 items belong to Andy Von Pip (lucky guy!) who runs the We Miss Miki website and the VPME Music Blog. Notice that some of these are signed by all 3 remaining band members! I suspect some of these were signed during a meeting at 4AD's offices to discuss re-issues.



Miki sent me these signed items in June 2008 (along with lots of other memorabilia such as tour laminates, postcards, and most of all her personal gig list) to thank me for creating this website. She did this totally on her own, with no prompting from me. Typical Miki, yet another example of what a kind and generous person she is.

Desire Lines 12" Vinyl EP
Hypocrite 12" Vinyl EP
Ladykillers 7" Vinyl Single
Rupert the Bear Promo Flexi
Split Postcard
Spooky CD Booklet















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