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Lush Photos
1991-Mar-21 - SUNY Performing Arts Center - Purchase, NY
These beautiful high-resolution photos from the Lush & Ride US tour, 94 photos in all, were shot by James Lance and I thank him for allowing me to include them here. I encourage you to check out more of his work on Flickr, which includes photos of many other bands: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lanceimages/sets/

James Lance. All Rights Reserved.


James Lance
March 2010

     These have never been published or seen, outside of probably giving a few prints to friends not long after the show back then.


     Hmm, let's see, back in the time machine. Almost 19 years to the day (yeeesh). It was my spring term, freshman year. The Student Union put on the show. Alternative music was the norm on campus, grunge was just about to pop (believe it or not, White Zombie and GG Allin played on campus the year before). Having Lush come through was a huge coup, being the Lush/Ride tour was a HUGE buzz and the band being from the UK. Little SUNY Purchase was out of the way in many aspects.

     Since I was friends with many of the folks on the union and radio station, they knew I was a photo major, so it was great to get a chance to shoot. Funny thing was, that was my 2nd concert I ever shot. The Goo Goo Dolls played on campus the week before-which was #1! Anyhoo, this being back in the film camera days, I was still green, some trial and error. The concert stuff was on TMAX 3200, just to be safe. The soundcheck stuff was I think Tri-X 400. Shot on a regular Pentax K1000 (every beginner's first camera back in the day).

     I probably had some quick 'hello' chats with the band and crew, but nothing more. The band could not have been more down to earth and nice. The crew and manager were a bit cranky, but to be expected. The venue was a black box theater, capacity maybe 200+ seated? on three sides. Some of the backstage shots you see were with people from the campus radio station. Sonically and visually, it was a superb show. The photos you see, that's all of it. No, no color. I wasn't up to that part in my studies at the time!


Backstage and Sound Check


James Lance. All Rights Reserved.




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