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Lush Press Archive
   2016 Reunion - Print Articles and Interviews

All articles include interviews with band members except those indicated as  News Article 

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2015-Sep-22   Under the Radar   Shoegazing Legends Lush Might Be Reforming

 News Article 

Reporting on signs that a reunion is imminent.

Back in 2007, Under the Radar was the first magazine to interview Miki after 10 years of silence.

2015-Sep-28   The Guardian   Lush to reunite for gig in 2016

 News Article 

Published by one of England's largest newspapers the day of the reunion announcement, before many details were known.

2015-Sep-28   Under the Radar   Lush Confirm Reunion, Announce First Show in Almost 20 Years and Box Set

 News Article 

2015-Sep-28   The Quietus   Lush Announce Reunion

 News Article 

2015-Sep-28   Northern Transmissions   SHOEGAZE BAND LUSH ANNOUNCE REUNION

 News Article 

2015-Sep-29   The VPME   A Video Retrospective With Miki Berenyi

Originally published in 2008, updated with new questions about the reunion which had been announced the day before.

2015-Nov-30   The Quietus   A Mad Love: An Interview With Lush

2015-Dec-22   Q Magazine - Issue 355   Lush Feature and Interview

Mentioned on the band's Facebook page on December 30, 2015:
Lush are in the latest issue of Q. A six page feature - interviews with Miki, Emma and Phil and a new photo session.


Print only. The magazine's website includes a link to order back issues online but it appears this issue is no longer available.

2015-Dec-03   The Guardian   Lush Reunited

An in-depth article in one of England's largest newspapers, with quotes from Miki and Emma interspersed throughout.

2016-Jan-07   Noisey   Rank Your Records: Emma Anderson Ranks Lush's Five Albums

2016-March   Tape Op Magazine  Lush: The Return of Sweetness and Light

Interviews with Miki and Emma, conducted just before the release of Blind Spot but not published until November.

2016-Mar-08   i-D  How To Be A Woman (In A Band)

Interview with Miki Berenyi for International Women's Day

2016-Apr-04   Palm Springs Life   Lush Redux   Text:

2016-Apr-12   4AD Forewords   Chorus Lines - Lush in Conversation with Martin Aston

Created by 4AD for the 2016 Reunion, to coincide with the release of the vinyl box set Origami. Features an in-depth interview with Miki, Emma and Phil that covers the origins of the band (including brief comments from Steve Rippon and Meriel Barham!) then they discuss each album individually plus the B-Sides. Written by Martin Aston, author of Facing The Other Way: The story of 4AD. Also includes some never-before-seen early photos.


2016-Apr-14   Purevolume   Q&A: Miki Berenyi on Reforming Lush

Very unusual intervew, with some details not seen anywhere else.

2016-Apr-26   Rolling Stone Australia   Lush Return From the Abyss

2016-Apr-04   Stereogum   Q&A: Lush On Their Unusual Legacy

2016-Apr-20   Flood Magazine   Lush Life: The Sirens Return

2016-Apr-07   The Skinny   Lush: Shoegaze, Blind Spot and Reunions

2016-Apr-15   SFGate  After two decades, British band Lush returns to action

2016-Apr-30    LA Weekly   The DJ Who Opened for Lush at the Roxy? Yeah, That Was Me


The day after this long-awaited (and re-scheduled) show, there were many compliments online about the DJ.

2016-May-10   Pitchfork   How Lush Came Back

2016-May-19   Drowned In Sound   I'll be back in the office on Monday

2016-June   Music Psych   Lush’s Emma Anderson on her guitars and pedals

2016-Jun-26   Obskure Magazine   Lush - Interview au TINALS

In German

2016-Jul-01   Under The Radar   From Reluctance to Reunion


Back in 2007, Under the Radar was the first magazine to interview Miki after 10 years of silence.

2016-Aug-12   Télérama   Rock Road 2016: Lush, the Eternal Return of Shoegaze

In French.

2016-Aug-14   Musicophile  Interview with Lush's frontwoman Miki Berenyi

This was done for a personal blog earlier in the year (before any of the reunion shows) and includes some unusual qoutes from Miki.

2016-Aug-16   Ouest-France   Lush, the return of soft voices to strong guitars

In French

2016-Aug-16   In The Loop Magazine Chicago   Interview: Miki Berenyi

2016-Oct-18    Under the Radar   Bassist Phil King Leaves Band, the Band Cancel Shows

 News Article 

2016-Nov-13   The Big Takeover - Issue 79, Fall 2016   Cover Story, Part 1
Extremely in-depth 10 page interview with Miki, Emma and Phil, conducted on September 14, 2016 before their show at Terminal 5 in NYC. The preface includes a note from the editor reporting that, as the magazine goes to press, the band's future is uncertain since they just announced Phil's sudden departure and canceled some festival shows.

2017-Jul-17   The Big Takeover - Issue 80, Spring 2017   Part 2  (Published 8 months after the end of Lush)
Part 2 of the interview, conducted almost a year earlier during the reunion tour.

Print only. Order directly from the publisher: Issue 79   Issue 80


Lush also appeared on the cover of this legandary magazine back in 1994, taking up 11 pages over 2 issues!


2016-Nov-15    Consequence of Sound   Lush tap Modern English’s Michael Conroy as replacement bassist for final reunion show

 News Article 

2016-Nov-15   Under the Radar   Lush Breakup Again, Issue Statement and Confirm Final Show

 News Article 

Post-Reunion Interviews

2016-Dec-08   Vapour Trail   A Lush Little Interview... Miki Berenyi talks art and noise

Miki looks back at the highs and lows of the reunion.

2017-Feb-16   Under the Radar   2016 Artist Survey: Miki Berenyi of Lush

Each year, the magazine sends out the same set of wide-ranging questions to many artists. In typical Miki fashion, her answers are funny, intelligent and honest. Some of her responses talk about the 2016 reunion, and in answering one of the more unusual questions Miki reveals something about the reunion that has not appeared anywhere else.

Back in 2007, Under the Radar was the first magazine to interview Miki after 10 years of silence.

This page only includes articles and interviews that pertain to the reunion.
Other interviews published during this time can be found in the Feature Articles 2016-Now section.





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