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Lush Press Archive
   Feature Articles 2007 - 2015

(many publications had gone on-line by this time, so most of the links on this page take you to the original article on the publication's website)

2007.10   Under the Radar   Miki Berenyi Interview
After 10 years of silence, Miki granted her first interview to this excellent US-based music publication. Her eloquent, honest, dead-on responses answer many questions Lush fans have been asking for years. Its an absolutely brilliant interview.

The print version of Under the Radar included a much shorter version of the on-line interview.


2007.12.14   VPME Music Blog   Miki's Favourite Christmas Songs  
Miki lists her favorite Christmas songs for the VPME Music Blog, and its a very cool list indeed! In typical Miki fashion, she is kind enough to include some personal background on each song.

2008.01.25   VPME Music Blog   Miki Berenyi Interview  
Interview Part Two - Photos
Interview Part Three - Photos
In this VPME Music Blog interview, only her second in 10 years, Miki answers many more long-standing questions. And once again her honesty, eloquence and humor shine through. This superb interview is a must-read for all fans of Lush.

Parts 2 and 3, published a week later, consist of many never-before-seen Lush photos from Miki's personal collection, including her commentary for each one!

2008.05.24   VPME Music Blog   Miki Talks About the Lush Videos  
The VPME had the brilliant idea to ask Miki for her thoughts on each of the Lush music videos. And Miki does not disappoint, with typically funny and interesting answers.

2008.06.20   VPME Music Blog   Emma Anderson Interview  
An excellent new interview with Emma.

2008.07.03   VPME Music Blog   Phil King Interview  


An excellent and very in-depth new interview with Phil, full of great never-before-heard stories and insights.

2009.06.10   MOJO Magazine   Britpop Special Issue  

Lush appears throughout the magazine
  • The timeline includes the release of Lovelife and death of Chris, with a prominent photo of the band.
  • There's a beautiful full-page photo of Miki in the Split taxi.
  • Lovelife is featured very prominently in the article 60 greatest Britpop Albums, with a very positive review.

Of course Lush wasn't really a Britpop band, but this recent exposure is still great.


2010.03  Spin Magazine   Where Are They Now    

Miki talks about the transition from being in a band to an office job,
with her usual honesty and humor.

2010.04.02  The Quietus
All That Useless Beauty: 20th Anniversary Of Lush's Mad Love

A re-appraisal/appreciation of Lush, with quotes from Miki and Phil.

2010.05.16   VPME Music Blog   Mad Love 20 Years on!  
An interview with Emma and Miki, including their thoughts on a possible reunion. And with STEVE, for the first time since he left the band!

2010.07.30   Adequacy.net   Interview with Seinking Ships  
An interview with Seinking Ships (Eric Mathews and Christopher Seink) about their new CD Museum Quality Capture, including Miki who did guest vocals on 3 tracks.

2012.04.28   ConsequenceOfSound.net   Dusting ‘Em Off: Lush – Lovelife  
A fantastic look back at Lovelife..

2012.06.23    Penny Black Music  Phil King Interview
A rare in-depth interview with Phil about his entire career.

Part 1   Part 2

2012.06.29    ConsequenceOfSound.net  Interview: Emma Anderson  
A facinating brand new in-depth interview with Emma!


2013.05.18    TheVerge.com  The Clasics: Lush 'Spooky'  
A wonderful look back at Spook, in a very unexpected place.

The Verge is one of the leading technology websites in the US and its great to see Lush appear in such an usual venue.


2014.09.23   ghostlifeghostlife   Split 20th Anniversary Interview  

The ghostlifeghostlife blog publishes an extensive "Split 20th Anniversary" interview with Miki, Emma, AND Phil.

This is seriosuly one of the best Lush interviews I've ever seen, great questions and great answers!

2015.04.28   Under the Radar   Interview - Lovelife and the Last Days of the Band

Under the Radar publishes an interview with Emma and Miki on "The 1996 Album Lovelife and the Last Days of the Band"


Back in 2007, Under the Radar published Miki's first interview in 10 years (see above), a big event at the time for Lush fans!


2015.04.29   Under the Radar   Interview - Split

Under the Radar publishes an interview with Emma and Miki on "The 1994 Album Split"



2015.06    Art Decades  A Special Tribute to Lush  

Features a superb 20 page special section on Lush, including new in-depth interviews with Miki and Emma!

Print only, available on Amazon US or UK














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