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    Articles & Interviews 1992-1993

1992  Unknown Publication  The Lilies, David Seaman Flexi-Disk


1992  Unknown Publication
An excellent early 1992 article.   

1992  Unknown Publication  Spooky Release
On the release of Spooky. New Bass player.

1992-Jan-18  NME  Material World
Q & A


1992-Jan-25  Melody Maker  Control Zone


1992-Jan-25  NME  Spookspeople For A Generation


1992-Feb-15  Melody Maker  At The Zoo With Lush
A very strange article, they must have been joking around.


1992-Feb-15  Melody Maker  Lashing the Backlash


1992-Mar  Alternative Press  Lush and My Bloody Valentine
Cover story


1992-Mar  Select  Drinks 151.28


1992-Apr  Details  The Lush Life

1992-Apr-11  LA Times  The Unlikely, Dreamy Success of London's Lush

1992-Jun  B-Side  Lush Backlashed

1992-Jul-25  NME  Lollapalooza News


1992-Aug-29  Billboard  Lush Life. The Origins of a Sound
Excellent, serious in-depth article.


1992-Dec  Guitar Magazine  Lollapalooza feature


1993-Feb-13  Melody Maker  MM Band Profile
Fascinating Q&A. Includes the name of Emma's friend who suggested the name Lush.



1993-Jul-24  Melody Maker  The 13-Year Itch - 4AD 13th Birthday


1993-Aug-07  Melody maker  4AD 13th Birthday Party


1993-Nov  We Love Lush Fan Club Mailing
A surprise mailing sent by the band (Lush Information Service) while they were recording Split. This stapled booklet includes a letter to fans full of great info AND an amazing "Lush family tree" of the band's lineage (done by Phil King) AND hand-written lyrics for all their songs to date (with some errors).

The mailing also contained a flexi-disk with "Rupert the Bear" and a demo version of "Lit Up" AND a holiday postcard.

All this was sent to fans for free.

Electronic version of the
above hand-written letter

1993-Dec-04  NME  Lush in the Recording Studio


1993-Dec  Select  How Clever is Your Favorite Pop Star














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