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Lush Press Archive
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1989-1991   1992-1993   1994-1995   1996-1998

1996  Raw  Q&A with Miki


Electronic Version

1996  The Big Takeover, No 39  Sex and the Single Girl


1996   Unknown Publication   Lush Life

1996.01.13  NME  Spinsta's Paradise


1996.01.20  Melody Maker  Singled Out
Cover Story

1996.02  Unknown US Publication
Interesting Q&A, comments on Vaughn Oliver.

1996.02.01  Baby Talk  Emma and Miki Q&A


1996.02.17  Billboard  Lush Seeks Mainstream Favor


1996.02.23  The Guardian  Ladettes Aren't Us


1996.03   4AD Website   Phil and Chris Interview
 Chris talks about his breakup with Miki!  

1996.03.16  NME  Ex and the Single Girl


1996.04   Vox   Lovelife Cover Photos
Interesting article about the series of cover photos from the Lovelife period, including the photographer and models.  

1996.04.27   Unknown Publication   No Girls Allowed - Chris and Phil Interview
Done at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC  

1996  Unknown Publication   The Pop Star's Pad - Back to Your Place Miki Berenyi

Fantastic interview with Miki about her home life, including photos of her flat and with Chris and Moose. (Much thanks to Carl S. for unearthing this)

Miki's typically funny comment on this article:

Im racking my brains to remember what this was in definitely a British publication and I think on the teen girl side of things. It was done around the summer of 1996.

I remember Moose and Chris HATED doing it... It is a bit sad, really! They look like they work for me or something... The janitor and the chauffeur.


1996.05  Record Collector
Cover Story 
With detailed discography.

A fantastic, objective, fascinating, extremely in-depth article. Covers their entire career from the very beginning to very near the end.

Electronic Version

1996.05  Select  Result!


Electronic Version

1996.05  B-Side Magazine  Lush, an Enduring Flavor

It refers to Phil as "Paul King" repeatedly!



1996.05.12  LA Times Magazine  Refiguring the Lush Life


1996.05   Go Magazine   Lush's Lady Killer

1996.05   Vox    Material World - Interview

1996.06   Alternative Press   All You Need Is Life

1996.07.20  NME  Yellow Lines...Don't Do It!


1996.09   NME  Student Guide

Miki and Emma talk about their University days.


1996.10.26  Billboard  Collaborations Spur UK's Elvis Costello, Lush

Interesting pair of articles about the recording of Lush's Elvis Costello cover "All this Useless Beauty" including some nice comments about Lush by Elvis Costello. Written just before Chris's death but published just after, the Lush article talks about the chart success of Lovelife and the band's future plans.




1997.04.07  The Guardian 
Controversial article about the financial inequities within the music business.  

1997.04.10  The Guardian  Miki's Letter to the Editor
This is Miki's response to the Guardian article above.



1998.02   NME   Lush Officially Split


This website is an archive of the history of Lush up to the 2015 reunion announcement.
For articles, interviews and reviews during the 2016 reunion,
see the
Press page on the official Band Website


1989-1991   1992-1993   1994-1995   1996-1998



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