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Lush Photos
There are many new photos of Lush with fans from the 2016 reunion on Facebook, here and here.
Emma and Jen G.
Read the story behind this photo.



Miki and Ron Wade

Miki and the J-Force
at The Abyss
Virginia Beach, VA
April 25, 1996 
Emma and James
at  KROQ Loveline
April 13, 1992
Phil and James
at  KROQ Loveline
April 13, 1992
Miki and James
at Glam Slam
Los Angeles
August 1994

Lush with Guy  Marshall
Click on the photo for the whole story
Miki with Andy Von Pip
(date unknown)
Years later, Andy published a major new interview with Miki in his VPME blog.

Miki and Emma with Daniele
Click on the photo for the full story
Miki and Neil, from his Lush Video Page

1994-Sep-12 Frankfurt
Thanks to Cord Walter in Germany for providing these high-res photos.
Very low-res versions of some of these photos have around for years and its nice to finally have them in high-res. The first 3 photos appear to have been taken at a different place and/or time than the remaining 5, however the low-res versions were all marked as being from the above date.

Lush in Public

1992-Apr-12 - Aron's Records, Los Angeles (there are 2 more photos here)

1996-May-01 - Virgin Megastore, New York City (Thanks to Lyle K)

These photos were taken by Lyle's friend, who also wrote these notes for Lyle on the back of each photo. The boxing glove is not theirs!

In line, getting closer. There's a Miki look-alike way in the back.

Even the security dudes are muggin' it up.

Check out the memorabilia: Chris is signing a radio-only promo of Superblast, Miki has a promotional only 4AD calendar with Lush as one of the months, and Phil has an import CD of most of their B-sides up to, I think, Spooky.

Emma signing the 91 tour poster! She signed "those were the days."

Emma signing your CD "Hi Lyle"

Phil signing your CD cover "Are we really bigger than the great Slim Whitman?"

Miki! Before she signed that glove, I said "I thought someone was gonna bonk me over the head with this thing" and she started waiving the glove at me.

Dig the roots!

More cool memorabilia and my last good shot. Miki's signing the Single Girl import CD, then there's [your CD] followed by these new import 7" colored vinyl singles of Ladykillers.

1996-Sep-18 - Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo (Thanks to Takamori F)


Emma & Miki
answer questions
August 1994
Los Angeles, CA
Glam Slam
(Hi Res)
(Thanks James)
Miki after a show (Hi Res)
(Thanks Jason D)


Many of these are very low-resolution, sorry.
Lush with Elvis Costello
1996, Dublin

Chris with the drummer of Blue and Moose
Emma with Debbie
[ex-Curve and Echobelly]
Emma with Eddie Vedder
Emma with Fuzz [Silverfish], Jim Reid [Marychain] At Lollapalooza
Chris with Tanya Donnelly, Moose, Blur, Cud
Emma with Loz
from Kingmaker
Emma with Tanya Donnelly [Belly]
Miki with
Johnny Menswear,
Tim Wheeler (Ash)
Lollapalooza Gang
Miki & Al Jourgenson (Ministry)
Miki & Mark Gardener
of Ride
Miki with Clint of Inspiral Carpets
Miki and Clint [Pop Will Eat Itself]
at Reading Fest
Miki and Emma with ?
Miki and Guy Chawick [House Of Love]
at Glastonbury 1990
Miki and Kat Bjelland
[Babes In Toyland]
at Reading Fest
Miki with Justine Frischman [Elastica]
at Reading Festival
 Aug 1993
Miki with Lesley Rankine [SilverfishRuby] at Lollapalooza
San Fran July 1992
Miki watching Mr. Lifto
Emma with Lori Barbero [Babes in Toyland]
Miki with Lori
[Babes in Toyland]
Miki with Kat and Lori
[Babes in Toyland]
Miki with Kat
[Babes in Toyland]
Miki with Flea, Anthony Keidis and Chris Cornell
Miki With Mark Eitzel
at Glastonbury
June 1992
Miki with Flea, Anthony Keidis and Chris Cornell
Emma at the El Rey
with Ian Ashbury
Date and location unknown
(thanks James!)
Miki During Ministry's set



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