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Lush Press Archive
   Recorded Interviews 1993-1996

If available, it's always best to view the videos directly on YouTube, which may include additional information.  

Use these to play the audio/video locally if a YouTube link is not available or has been taken down.


 Recorded Interviews: 1990-1992  1993-1996  |  1997-Now  |  2016 Reunion 

  Highly Recommended

The audio/video quality of these clips varies greatly - they are from the days of analog TV and VHS tapes!

1994 August  Rage Canada   Montreal    

Excellent interview from Canada with Miki and Emma.

3:34 minutes


1994-Aug-09  KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic   Los Angeles    

Fantastic interview with Miki and Chris by Chris Douridas. Miki talks about making Split, where she got the name for Light From a Dead Star, the Gist cover Love at First Sight, dating Chris, coming up with Undertow, lots more.

The previous night they played the infamous Glam Slam show where the power went out (NME article, fan's account) and was rescheduled for the next night.

11:30 minutes



1994 October  Japan TV   Tokyo  

Very cool but disjointed interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Phil, recorded while the band walks from Shinjuku Station West to their hotel. The subtitles do not indicate what show this was on.

2:29 minutes





1996 January   Hit Mix   London   

Interview with Miki and Emma, on the release of Single Girl.

1:45 minutes


1996-Jan-08   BBC's Big Breakfast   London  

Miki and Emma interviewed on the release of Single Girl by two puppets named Zig and Zag! They made a second appearance on The Big Breakfast six months later, see below.

4:34 minutes



1996 February   Shuffle TV Show   Japan   

Japan TV Promo spots with Miki and Emma, Chris and Phil, including a signed guitar and T-shirt giveaway with Miki and Emma.

1:48 minutes


1996 February   MTV's 120 Minutes  

Miki and Emma interviewed by Matt Pinfield.

8:26 minutes


1996 March   Heartlands   London  

Miki, Chris and Phil interviewed at supposedly Emma's "plush pad."

3:27 minutes


1996 April   Austin Music Network    Austin  

Complete Interview
Part 1    Part 2

9:28 minutes

Part 1
Part 2


1996-Apr-16  KROC   Los Angeles    

Interview with Miki and Chris. They talk about the in-store performance that was coming up later the same day at the Tower Records in LA. Miki also talks in detail about the infamous Glam Slam fiasco the last time they played in LA (NME article, fan's account).

13:40 minutes



1996 May   MTV's Alternative Nation  

Interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Phil.

10:15 minutes


1996-Jun-27   MuchMusic's Break This   Toronto  

Complete Interview

Miki interview recorded May 1996 at MuchMusic in Toronto, Canada.

8:00 minutes

(YouTube clip includes only the first 3 minutes)


1996-Jun-01   MTV's 120 Minutes at HFStival    Washington, DC   

Miki, Chris and Phil interviewed by Matt Pinfield at the WHFS annual music festival at RFK Stadium.

2:39 minutes



1996-July-18   BBC's Big Breakfast   London  

Miki and Emma interviewed for the second time by two puppets named Zig and Zag. See above for their first appearance.

1:52 minutes


1996-July-22   Dear Davina Show   London  

Davina McCall Interviews Miki, Emma, Chris and Phil on the release of the 500 single

3:20 minutes



1996-Aug-15   MuchMusic's The Wedge   Toronto   

Miki and Emma interview, including some fun and unusual questions.

4:23 minutes


1996 September   Rock the Vote PSA  
Public Service Announcement for Rock the Vote, an organization that aims to get young people to vote. Its unknown where this was recorded.

0:30 minutes


1996-Sep-08   First Cut TV   San Francisco  

Very brief interview with Miki, followed by a performance of Ladykillers and 500. Recorded the day after their show at the Fillmore. They looked (and were) exhausted, after a grueling year of non-stop touring mostly in the US.

Included here only because it was Lush's very last TV appearance (until the 2016 reunion) and just 1 month before the tragic end....

7:30 minutes






 Dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland   

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