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Lush Press Archive
   2016 Reunion - Recorded Interviews

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 Recorded Interviews: 1990-1992  1993-1996  |  1997-Now  |  2016 Reunion 

  Highly Recommended

2015-Sep-28   BBC Radio 6 Music   Lush Are Back!   

A brief radio interview with Miki, the same day the reunion was announced.



2016-Feb-11   Soundstage Event   Miki Berenyi Interview   

50 minute in-depth audio interview, with audience Q&A at the end. Miki tells some great stories!

Organized by Soundstage Events, it took place at The Others in Stoke Newington, just before the release of the video from the upcoming EP's lead track and 2 months before the first reunion show, which she discusses near the end of the interview.




2016-Mar-22   BBC Radio 6 Music   Radcliffe and Maconie  

Radio interview with Miki. Opens with Out or Control, Miki's interview starts at 3:50 minutes. 23 minutes total.



2016-Apr-25   Northern Transmissions   LUSH on Records In My Life       VIDEO INTERVIEW    

A very cool 6 minute video interview with Miki, Emma and Phil in Vancouver BC, behind the Rio Theater.





2016-Jun-02   Made of Things Podcast   Lush at Primavera Sound Festival  

44 minute audio interview with Emma, Miki and Phil. Skip the rambling introduction and jump directly to the "interview" which starts at 18 minutes. More of a scattered conversation, with incomprehensible questions and everyone talking over each other. Miki doesn't join them until about 27 minutes in. Not recommended, included here only for completeness.



2016-Aug-06   Radio Three Poland   OFF Festival  

English:   Polish:    

Radio Three Poland radio station audio interview with Miki, Emma and Phil, recorded at OFF Festival.

The interview starts at 5 minutes and ends at 14 minutes, just 20 minutes before they are to go on stage. They have to wait while he translates each answer, but itís still worth a listen. At 37 minutes it cuts to a Lush show but itís not the OFF Festival live, itís a show from 1996!



2016-Sep-17   AMBY - A Music Blog, Yeah?   Interview with Miki and Emma       VIDEO INTERVIEW    

Excellent 6 minute video interview with Miki and Emma, look exhausted but happy, recorded on their tour bus the day of the TURF Festival in Toronto.





2016-Sep-26   KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic   Live Performance & Interview       VIDEO INTERVIEW    

The band's first radio performance in 20 years! Recorded at the legandary KCRW studios, in Santa Monica, the day after the Fonda Theater shows in LA.

8-song session, 43 minutes. The interview portion with Miki and Emma is at 16-24 minutes. Miki also wishes her son Happy Birthday at 8 minutes.




This page only includes recorded interviews specificaly about the reunion.
Other interviews recorded during that time can be found in the Recorded Interviews section.



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