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Lush Press Archive
   Recorded Interviews 1997-Now

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 Recorded Interviews: 1990-1992  1993-1996  |  1997-Now  |  2016 Reunion 

  Highly Recommended

2005-Apr-21   The Orchestra Pit    Full Circle #17 - Emma Anderson  

27 minute interview with Emma, on Full Circle with Mark Brady, while she was still in Sing-Sing, broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM in London.

Begins with Emma's Sunbathing demo (which became a B-Side on the Sweetness and Light EP), then she talks about the early days of Lush, and ends with Sing Sing's cover of Sunbathing from the album Sing Sing and I (hence the "Full Circle").



2011-Mar-23   Triple R 102.7 FM Melbourne   The Golden Age of Piracy  

Radio station RRR 102.7 FM in Melbourne airs an audio interview with Miki and Emma (recorded March 10th) on the 'The Golden Age of Piracy' program's "Formative Five" segment, where they play and discuss 5 songs that influenced their music.

56 minutes, with the interview segments interspersed throughout the broadcast.

Emma can be heard clearly, but Miki's audio is very muffled and difficult to hear. This is included here only because it was Miki's first radio interview in 15 years. Its not clear whether Miki and Emma were both on the line at the same time or they were interviewed separately and spliced together later. 



2013-Sep-26   Rough Trade East - Book Launch Event   Facing the Other Way: The Story of 4AD  

Miki and Emma attend the book launch for "Facing the Other Way: The Story of 4AD" by Martin Aston. (Amazon USUK) at Rough Trade East. Miki participated in the panel discussion, with audience Q&A. She speaks throughout the discussion and she does talk about Lush. The book's Facebook page has some great photos of the event, including Miki and Emma.

45 minutes, audio was recorded by the BookD Podcast.



2014-Jul-07   Sonic Cathedral Book Reading   The Social, London        VIDEO INTERVIEW   


Miki appears at a book reading for David Quantick's book “Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman” published by Sonic Cathedral, at The Social in London. Phil and Emma are in attendance also.

22 minute video. Miki starts at 2:30, and between the book readings it turns into Miki's first on-camera interview in many years.





2015-Sep-22   Ola's Kool Kitchen, #281   Phil King Interview  

A great interview with Phil about his time with the Servants, Felt, Biff Bang Pow, Lush and Jesus & Mary Chain.

65 minutes with 3 interview segments interspersed between songs. He discusses Lush in the second segment which is at 22-38 minutes.

Ola's Kool Kitchen is a London radio show which airs on several FM and streaming stations.



2015-Oct-30   BBC Four   Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line      VIDEO INTERVIEW   

BBC Four broadcasts the new documentary "Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line" which includes a fantastic (and much talked about) interview with Miki, starting at 49 minutes. This was Miki's first broadcast-TV interview in many years. It was recorded before the reunion was announced, but it aired after the announcement and the narrator mentions it briefly.

The documentaty itself is brilliant and well worth watching aside from Lush. It's no longer available on the BBC website (and was never playable outside the UK) but it is still on YouTube, in HD.



Reunion-related interviews recorded in 2015 and 2016 are listed seperately in the Reunion section


2016-Feb-08   University for the Creative Arts   Stepping Out Music Conference      

Miki participates in a panel discussion on songwriting at UCA's Stepping Out Music Conference, together with Viv Albertine, Lucy O'Brien and Femme.

"In an era where inspiration is just a click away, this panel asks is it possible to be truly original"

Unfortunately no audio or video recording of the event has been found.



2016-Feb-11   Soundstage Event   Miki Berenyi Interview      

50 minute in-depth audio interview with Miki, with audience Q&A at the end. She tells some great stories!

Organized by Soundstage Events, it took place at The Others in Stoke Newington.



2017-Dec-08   Rough Trade East - Book Launch Event    C86 & All That - Phil King Reading      

Phil participates in the panel discussion and reads excerpts from his 1986 diary at the book launch for "C86 & All That" at Rough Trade East.


Unfortunately no audio or video recording of the event has been found.




2018-Jan-20   WNBC.London   Low Yo Yo Radio Show - Miki Berenyi Interview      

More than a year after the 2016 reunion, Miki is a guest on the Low Yo Yo Radio Show on streaming radio station WNBC.London (Facebook, Website) at The Book and Record Bar in South London. Larry B plays her selection of "Desert Island Disks" and she explains the significance of each song, with interview questions throughout.

Miki's appearance starts at ~55 Min

  Miki on Twitter:
"Off to south London on Saturday to do second hour of Larry B's radio show/podcast. You can listen in to my random tracks and waffle live via the tune in app or on www.wnbc.london"
"Here's a link to the radio show I did on Saturday. The usual apologies for my witless chatter - I don't think the HRT pills are helping. Thanks again Larry B for allowing me to gatecrash!"




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