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Lush Press Archive
   Recorded Interviews 1990-1992

If available, it's always best to view the videos directly on YouTube, which may include additional information.  

Use these to play the audio/video locally if a YouTube link is not available or has been taken down.


 Recorded Interviews: 1990-1992  1993-1996  |  1997-Now  |  2016 Reunion 
Scar to Gala

  Highly Recommended

The audio/video quality of these clips varies greatly - they are from the days of analog TV and VHS tapes!

1990 February   Transmission    London   

Wonderful interview with Chris, Steve and Miki, on the release of Mad Love.

Interviewed by Steve Lamacq of NME.

5:50 minutes


1990 February   BBC2 SNUB-TV   Nantes, France   


Brief interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Steve on SNUB-TV. Starts on a 4AD bus (look for Miki sleeping on Chris' shoulder) and includes live performances of Etheriel and Leaves Me Cold.

7:10 minutes


1990-Oct-22   Gala Video Press Kit    Brighton  

Interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Steve recorded on the beach in Brighton. From the Reprise Records Video Press Kit for Gala which was about to be released. They're having a blast recording this - the future was theirs to hold.

(my favorite clip of all the interviews on this site)

6:04 minutes.


1990 October   Rapido TV    Paris  

Interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Steve. Recorded at Buttes-Chamond Park in Paris.

(The date is in question, Lush was nowhere near Paris in October 1990)

3:55 minutes.


1990-Nov-30   Videowave Music    New York 

Miki and Chris interviewed by Bonnie Burkert on Videowave Music in New York, with some interesting questions.

10:41 minutes


1990-Dec-05   Request Video    Los Angeles   

Miki and Steve interviewed by Gia DeSantis on KDOC-TV in Los Angeles. This was their first time on a live call-in show and they don't say very much.

(Very poor audio/video quality, appears to have been videotaped off a TV screen!)

6:15 minutes


1991 March   MTV's 120 Minutes  

Interview with Miki and Mark Gardener of Ride.

3:36 minutes


1991-Jun28   MTV Europe's Festival Weekend   Denmark   

Chris tells a funny story. Recorded at Roskilde Festival in Kobenhaven, Denmark.

Interview with Miki and Mark Gardener of Ride.

1:05 minutes





1992 February   MTV Europe's 120 Minutes  

Complete Interview
Part 1    Part 2

Miki and Phil interviewed.

8:30 minutes

Part 1

Part 2


1992 March   MTV's 120 Minutes  

Miki and Phil interviewed.

4:08 minutes


1992-Mar-15   Modern Rock Live with Tom Calderone   Chicago  

This was a nationally syndicated live radio call-in show. Chris and Miki are interviewed and answer questions from callers.

15:55 minutes


1992 April   Request Video    Los Angeles   

Complete Interview
Part 1    Part 2

Miki and Chris interviewed by Gia DeSantis. They're having such as great time, its fun seeing how Miki and Chris interacted. The host repeatedly says "you guys are hysterical."

Request Video was a daily live show on KDOC-TV in Los Angeles. Lush is included in this amazing montage of bands who appeared on the show.

12:08 minutes

Part 1
Part 2


1992-Apr-13   KROQ Loveline    Los Angeles  

Miki and Emma appear on Loveline, the legendary KROQ Radio live call-in relationship/medical advice show, after recording their appearance on the Dennis Miller Show earlier that day. They appeared at Aron's Records the previous day.

The show still had the original hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and DJ Jim "Poorman" Trenton and was still a local LA show. It was nationaly syndicated a few years later and became a huge success. The DJ kept forgetting Miki's name.

Before listening to this recording, its important to read about the topics discussed on the show.

1 hour 25 minutes



1992-Aug-02   JBTV at Lollapalooza   Chicago  

Backstage interview with Miki, Emma, Chris and Phil while Ministry plays. Includes some interesting stories not heard elsewhere. Ends with the band driving off in their tour bus as Miki waves from a window.

6:41 minutes



1992-Aug-05   Lollapalooza Tour   Toronto  

Miki, Emma and Chris interviewed outdoors.

Behind-the-sceenes photos from the Lollapalooza tour can be found on the Lush on Tour page.

6:25 minutes




 Dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland   

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